A Ride Back in Time to Mayberry

Saturday Morning and with a lot of miles in front of us, we all gathered at the Sunoco in Locust at 200 North and Bethel Church. The ride was at the request of Terry's wife and riding partner, but all four of us have been itching to ride to Mt. Airy, the inspiration for Mayberry.

We started out on a Stanly County favorite Austin Road. It takes north and east, and onto US 52. After passing through New London, we made our way to State Road 8, continuing north. We run along the eastern edge of High Rock Lake, even crossing off shoots from the lake. The air rolling across the water kept us cool, and gave us some nice vistas.

In Linwood, we veer to the left on Belmont Road to avoid Interstate 85 that lie ahead of us. After passing under the super slab, we make our way on Old Salisbury Road. Another left on Mount Carmel and eventually arrive on State Road 150.

Another left, and we cross the Yadkin River on State Road 64, weaving our way back & forth and north & west. Yearning f…

2018 Gathering of Eagles: Day 1

Monday, June 19th, 2018

A Dip to the South

Even though the calendar may say it is still spring, usually by the end of May in North Carolina it is full on summer weather. With blue skies overhead, those temperatures were coming, but for the mid morning start, it was still comfortable, if not a bit cool.

Terry T-Bo and his pillion partner Kina met up with Kasey and I at the Sunoco Gas Station in Locust at 200 North and Bethel Church. After a brief exchange, we headed out with The Black Pearl in the lead. As the title would suggest, we started out heading south. We passed through Stanfield, and just passed the town's southern edge, we veered off on Harvell Road. We snaked our way over to Rushing Road with a short jog on Oak Grove Road.

Rushing eventually returned us to 200 South, which we rode on for a short while, and crossed the Rocky River. We made a shallow left on Morgan Academy sweeping right and left into New Salem. Back on a state highway, this time numbered 205, we headed further south.

A jog though the town streets…

Planes, Bikes and Bar-B-Que

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This is not the first time I have hopped on the bike and rode to an airport to have a meal. While airplanes and meals have mixed for a lot of years, the general opinion is they have not done well. Mostly when those meals are served in mid flight. Luckily for us, we were headed for the Pik & Pig in Carthage, North Carolina, a very grounded Bar-B-Que Joint.
The day began with a quick fill up at our local Sunoco Gas Station. Then we headed south down Highway 200, also known as Central Avenue. Near the center of the town of Locust, we turn left onto Highways 24/27. We made our way east out of town.
Pless Mill Road is just beyond the edge of town, and we take a right to wind our way south and to Hilltop Road. This spills us out to Highway 205, which we take south into Oakboro. We take another left in town onto Aquadale Road, headed for the town of the same name on a road also know as State Road 138.
In the little berg of Aquadale, we make a jog onto South Stanly S…

Passport Ride: South Mountain State Park

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, April 2017

This is the second in a series of articles of my, and my favorite riding partner’s, trips to fill up our North Carolina State Park Passport.
We started by cutting through the warm, August morning air, heading north out of Locust, North Carolina. Central Avenue, also known as 200, is a road we travel often to get to Concord, the nearest urban area with everything we need, and a lot more.
Above us was a thin cloud cover, but the sun was already working on burning that thin layer off. We would be left with blue sky, the color Carolina is famous for having. The clearing would last for most of the day. Central Avenue ends by merging into 601, continuing us north, and into the Charlotte suburb. Next was the ramp to Highway 73, which began our trip west. We had to do this jockeying around, or go straight through the Queen’s City. Also known as Davidson Highway, 73 has spots where it feels like a highway, but most of the time,  it fe…

To Plan or Not To Plan

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, March 2017

For an activity that is based in freedom, there seems to be one thing that we as motorcyclists can’t break free: debates. I’m not going to open the door to such things like which oil to use, what cleans what better and with less effort, or what brand is better.  While, I’m well aware there are lots of riders out there that just hop in the saddle, go, get lost, and finally make it back home; others of us like to have a destination, and planned a route to get there and back. I spent the bulk of five decades in Indiana, so I could just fire up the engine and run. The sun and moss growing on the trees were my compass. Most of the Hoosier cornfields are divided by numbered county roads that with a little logic, will get you where you need to be. I knew where I was about ninety percent of the time, if not from experience, then from the markers I just mentioned. I also had times that I had a specific destination, or a stretch of r…