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First Club Ride of the Year!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

First Off, A little celebration, this is my 101th post!! Wow, those first 100 posts went by fast! I have had few others then went I went riding last year, so I must have spent nearly 100 days on the bike. Had to be more than that, as I recall, I have combined similar days.

Okay, to today's ride. Early in the week I had been invited to meet with Charlie and Cynthia, and some members from the Salem, Indiana, Hoosier Thunder Chapter at an Italian Place in Columbus called Johnny Carinos. It is still early in the season for us Hoosiers, and with March and April, there comes a daily chance of showers and thunderstorms. It was looking all week like I might have to climb aboard my Ford Ranger and drive to Columbus.

I was on our forum, sending a post to Charlie telling him I felt like we would have a window of opportunity today, when the skies let loose. It poured hard, and for about 10 seconds! It was still two hours before I needed to depart, so we still had…

Bonus! Second Day to Ride to Work

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Okay, so it is another ride to work, and while the morning would be cool, but nice around 52! The afternoon ran up to 80!!

Took the usual route west on East Washington, and then north on Delaware, jogging across 10th street to Meridian.

The warm air was inviting me to ride, but I just took the scenic route home. Starting south on Pennsylvania Street, heading most of my east bound trip out of downtown Indianapolis on New York Street. It turns into Pleasant Run, which jogs at Arlington Street. Another section of Pleasant Run ends at Kitley Avenue, which I take north along a hole of Pleasant Run Golf Course, to 10th street. That leads me to my home street.

Two Days of Short, Uninteresting Rides

Sunday, March 11 and Monday March 12, 2007

Sunday afternoon I got the bike back together after doing the DeSmog and Engine Ground Modifications, and checking the valves for adjustment. I ran the hose and soap over the bike when I was done, but I am still going to need to some polishing later!!

I also got myself cleaned up, and ordered some wings from RJ Wingers, one of my personal favorites. I decided to take the bike to retrieve my carry out order. My first stop was to get gas, then I headed east on Washington Street. RJ Wingers is on the northwest corner of Post and Washington. I pulled into the parking lot, and into the Carry Out Space.

I grabbed my wings, and headed back home. I took Washington Street west. I was amazed at how many bikes were out, but I guess it has been a while, and everyone with a motorcycle was looking for some therapy.

Monday is the first day of the work week, and guess where I had to go? To work! Once again, I was on Washington Street, heading west into …

Can It Really be Spring?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Okay, when I woke up on this Friday Morning, it did not feel anything like spring. The temperature was hanging around freezing. I was on the border of to ride or not to ride, but knowing that some of those big road side piles of snow had melted a little yesterday, and would be black ice this morning had me a bit worried. So I hopped in the truck, and went off to work.

I thought I was a abandoned for lunch, sorry Clem, I headed home for a cheap lunch. Of course my real intention was to go home to get the bike, and ride back to work. It was now in the 50's, and the sun was shinning strong! I took the truck on I-70, which is usually a quick way home, but Super 70, a construction project had just started, and traffic lanes, as well as the speed limit has been reduced.

After a quick and cheap lunch, I rolled the beast, from now on known as The Black Pearl, out of the garage. I pulled the GPS out of the truck, and hooked up and attached the MP3 Player. The bik…

Back in the Saddle Again!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rushed home from work, as the skies were clear, and the temps had risen to near 50 degrees. Backed the bike out of the garage, after it fired right up.

Headed down the driveway, and headed north to 1oth street. Thought I might just run up and down my street, but at 10th, I decided to lengthen the trip. I went east on 10th street to Franklin Road. The bike was warmed, and the fluids were flowing, both in me and the bike! So when I was heading south, I opened the throttle, the bike came to life, as I accelerated down the street. The traffic was heavy on Washington Street, as it was rush hour, but I was able to pull into the flow. Thought I would turn back onto my street, but decided to continue on west.

I took the ramp to go north on Shadeland Avenue, and continued back to 10th Street, where I would head east back to my street. The bike felt good, ran good, and I was ready to ride the restof the day away, but with the sun going down, and the cool air wa…