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Riding for the Fallen

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

So after a summer of riding in temperatures in the triple digits, rain that could be seen on a microscope, spring arrived in Central Indiana at the end of August and beginning of September. After a Friday Night monsoon, the numbers dropped, and we were heading out at 9am on this 60 degree morning.

Kasey and I headed through town, passing the Fair on the Square, and on to the Kroger on US 36 where it meets the old US 36. Several bikes dotted the landscape of the parking lots for Kroger, McDonald's and the gas station. A group of four of them looked the people we were meeting.

I passed them in the parking lot and rode on over to fuel up The Pearl. We returned and met the group. Anna, who we had ridden with before, Eric from the Clinton, Indiana Cruiser Club, plus Dave, Doug and Rochelle, new people we were just meeting today.

After meeting, sharing stories, and waiting for other, we headed up to the Hendricks County Fairgrounds. After a couple of loops, w…