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Riding Partners

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, November 2016

Most of us that ride a motorcycle look at it as an activity done in solitude.Even if you ride with someone else on their own bike, you couldn’t talk to them except when you stopped. Got a partner on the pillion? You would have to yell and fight the wind to hear the voice. Intercoms and Bluetooth has changed all that, so choosing a riding partner has become more important. Here is my history with riding partners. The first person I shared riding with was probably my father, while he was teaching me to ride. The practice I got after that came from making ruts in my parent’s yard with my brother.He had a few years experience on me, five years my senior, and like a lot of things when you are young, you don’t get to pick who you do it with. Age brought the usual divides; he entered his teenage years, and I was just an anchor. Once he got his driver’s license, the law forbid me from following him. By the time I got my license, …