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First Real Ride of the New Year

Monday, March 8, 2010

Now who would have thought, two rides in March? Mother Nature could be setting up the Hoosier State for a rude awaking, maybe in April or May.

John, a friend that i had met while working at WFYI, rode his Hyabusa over to my house. John is about 10 years my senior, and to say he is a character is making a description that is far short of reality. I like having real "characters" in my life, it makes life more interesting, and a lot more fun!

The first leg of out trip would take us to a place for lunch. We headed north from my house to Tenth Street. The we made our way east on Tenth Street. Here is a surprise, he made our way through construction! The spring weather brought out more than just two wheeled vehicles, but earth movers, dump trucks, bull dozers, and others of the sort.

We arrived at Muesing Street, and made our way south to US 40, or Washington Street. Positioned on the northwest corner is a little eatery called Sero's. If you anywhere…

First Run of the New Year

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

It is a rare day in March to be able to get your butt in the saddle. So when I was left alone, Kasey and her daughter had gone off shopping, the cat will be playing with The Pearl.

I rolled my Black Honda VTX 1800 out of the garage. I had a couple of errands to run, and if you have read past posts, you know I like running errands on the bike.

I started out with a short run west on Washington Street. Then I headed up north on Shortridge Avenue to get to the Post Office. after pulling into the parking lot, I dropped the bills I had to pay into the big blue mailbox outside the office. I dread going inside. I just can never believe that people can work that slow!

I continued north to Tenth Street, and then headed East. Yeah, I made the most of a big circle, but isn't that really all my trips?

At Franklin Road, I headed back north once again. I would be on Franklin Road until Pendleton Pike. This road, which has been under construction forever it seems, head…