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Crossin' the Border

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Once again, if you have been reading and riding along, you know that my favorite riding partner and I like to ride to State Parks. One of the reasons is to check out potential camping spots. With that in mind, we decided to head south of the border, the one between North and South Carolina, to check out a potential tent setup.
We started south on this Sunday Afternoon down State Road 200, through Locust and Stanfield. We veered to the right on Morgan Academy Road. We were a little surprised the road didn't have a reference to a church in it, since it seemed all the roads around here did. We joined up with State Road just before New Salem.
In New Salem, we turned to the left, and headed down Highway 205. Not any kind of interstate or anything, just country road with a State Number to identify it. We meandered on this ribbon of asphalt until it ran us into Marshville.
We made a little jog in town, and exited heading south on White Street, which turned into Lan…