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A Ride Back in Time to Mayberry

Saturday Morning and with a lot of miles in front of us, we all gathered at the Sunoco in Locust at 200 North and Bethel Church. The ride was at the request of Terry's wife and riding partner, but all four of us have been itching to ride to Mt. Airy, the inspiration for Mayberry.

We started out on a Stanly County favorite Austin Road. It takes north and east, and onto US 52. After passing through New London, we made our way to State Road 8, continuing north. We run along the eastern edge of High Rock Lake, even crossing off shoots from the lake. The air rolling across the water kept us cool, and gave us some nice vistas.

In Linwood, we veer to the left on Belmont Road to avoid Interstate 85 that lie ahead of us. After passing under the super slab, we make our way on Old Salisbury Road. Another left on Mount Carmel and eventually arrive on State Road 150.

Another left, and we cross the Yadkin River on State Road 64, weaving our way back & forth and north & west. Yearning f…