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This Ride will be a Gas!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I would start out by saying it is that time of year again, but this annual event has been a moving target in recent years. The Midwest Rep of Cruiser Club, USA holds a run each year to to he and his wife's home so everyone can get filled up with chunks of ham stewed with beans. There is of course also cornbread and desserts! Two years ago the ride was in July, and very hot, almost to hot for beans, but they are very good! Last year it was at the first of October, a perfect kick off to the fall season.

Well, you know what date this ride is on, and the weather had broken here in the midwest. Where it was near 80 at the beginning of the week, it had no turned cool and rainy. Today was no exception, and even though the moisture would cease falling, it was still heavy in the air, and in the dull gray sky overhead.

I ventured out, and followed a familiar path, east on Washington to Franklin Road, and then south. I took it all the way to Franklin, Indiana, …

Muted Colors, Great Ride

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Despite being a mid to late October Day, and the morning starting out like a typical fall day, the forecast called for summer temps in the low 80's!

I pulled down my street and then into the parking lot of the Thornton's Gas Station. Several bikes were already there, including my brother, Wade, and Wild Bill. Allan was at a pump topping off the tank. When I pulled in, I was told that Pete was coming back, as he was changing bikes because his back brakes were wore out on his ST1100. It was not long until he returned on his Goldwing.

After waiting until the time to leave, and seeing if anyone was going to show up, we headed east on Washington Street. We had two VTX's (Allan and I) Three Goldwings (Pete, Wild Bill, and Wade) and one Concours (My brother). We turned south on to Franklin Avenue, which we would take all the way to Frnaklin, Indiana.

We joined onto SR 44, and cruised through the Johnson County Town. We then went south on US 31. We wer…

Feeling Like I am in Production

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Everyday this late in the year is crap shoot on riding or not. It is much like the spring, and in Indiana, the weather can change in five minutes!

I began my way west on Washington Street, and then took the ramp to Shadeland Avenue. This would take me onto 465 South, and the southeast side of Indianapolis. I took another ramp to I-65 South, and began the long leg of the trip to Columbus, Indiana.

After 30 or so miles, I took the ramp to US 31 South. It was close to noon, so I decided to grab a bite to eat at the KFC/A&W Combo. I know it is a chain, but I was hungry for Fried Chicken.

After the Buffet Lunch, I continued south on US 31 to Indianapolis Avenue in Columbus, and then to the Cummins Television Studios. I have been in Pre-Production on a project for them, and we were shooting the first interviews. It is always good to kick off another phase of production, beacuse it gets the ball rolling!

After talking to three very well spoken individuals,…

Riding to a Job

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Here is another trip to the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarter to run a camera for the coverage of the school board meeting. Not the most exciting television, but it pays well, and it provides a community service.

It was trip like most of mine to work listed on here, beginning with heading west on East Washington Street. I rode until Delaware, even though the GPS had another route laid out.

I went north on Delaware until the headquarter building, pulled around behind, and parked the bike.

I always show up early for this job, as I am payed for the job, not by the hour, so if I get there early, we get things set up faster. The only other crew member that showed up early was Megan, who is actually a High School Intern, who has been working with me on the last few broadcasts. She must be really learning from me, as she showed up early, a bit under the weather, but still trooped her way through helping me load in almost all the camera gear into the board ro…

Another Errand Run!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Riding in October is not that uncommon for Indiana, but riding in Mid-October, and getting hot while doing it sure is. Maybe I got used to the hot days through summer, but walking around in the high 70's seemed cool, so I switched from my mesh safety jacket, to my leather jacket. It is well vented, and nice to wear you are moving, but stopping gets you warmed up fast!

I began my journey heading north on my street. I could see squirrels darting across the street in opposite directions. It was almost cartoonish! I headed east on Tenth Street until I got to Franklin Road. I then went north, meandering my way along side 465 until I go to Pendleton Pike. I was trying to make a loop out of my trip, but I had forgotten about all the work on this street. After the delay, I made my way north and east to Post Road.

I went north on Post Road, and took the back way into the shopping center that hosts Star Financial Bank. I made my way to the depository, dropp…

Airplanes, Bikes, and Chili! The ABC's of Riding!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

All week long I thought a ride on Saturday might be in jeopardy. Sure, Tuesday of this week it was sunny and near 90! but I had a bald front tire on the bike. That got changed on Tuesday Evening, but then mean Mr. Weatherman started talking about big changes!! It looked like outside it was going to fall through autumn.

As the day drew closer, it appeared that the skies would be clear, but the clearing would make for cool overnights. When I woke up on Saturday Morning, the temp was sitting at 37 Degrees. The sun rising was making the mercury rise, but it would be a chilly ride to start out.

Because of the cooler morning, I had moved the start time back to 10:30. We were heading to the Shelbyville Airport. If you read last year, you know I went to this even alone, but ran into people that I knew.

It was was still in the high 40's, but the sun made it feel a lot warmer. I cruised down my street, crossed Washington, and pulled into the Thornton's Gas…

Sunday Morning, New Location

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Well it is Sunday Morning, and time for another breakfast. Not at Shaprio's this time but at Reed's House. Apparently, his wife doesn't like their food, but would like our company, therefore wanted all of us over for gathering.

I started out going east on Washington Street. I rode along until I got passed Cumberland, and took County Road 700 south to CR 300. I then went further east until the road into Reed's neighborhood.

The usual suspects were all there, and some new ones. We had some great chow, heard some great stories, and then went our ways home.

My way, I went back west out to 700, and then south to US-52. I took it north and west, and rode a few miles to Franklin Road. I went north to US-40, and then west to my street.

First Thursday, Meeting Time!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I think this is the first time I have had two posts on the same day. Since the other one was long, this one will be short one about my trip McGilvery's for our monthly meeting of the Indianapolis Cruiser Club.

I went on my usual way into town, taking Washington Street west into town. After strolling passed the Indianapolis Zoo, I turned north on River Road. I decided to take Michigan Avenue west next.

Tibbs Avenue would take me north to 16th Street, which I would take west to Crawfordsvile Road. I would then travel north and west until High School Road. I went north for a short while until I arrived. There were already a few bikes parked around the pub.

After a long meeting, actually it was more like dinner and a lot of stories, I began my journey back home. I went north on High School Road, turning to go east on 38th Street, and the joining I-65 to I-70. I ramped off of one interstate to 465, and then to Washington Street.

Working in a Two Wheel Office

Thursday, October 4,2007

I spoke before about Guilty Pleasures, and today would be another one of those days, but it would be a fruitful day.

It was going to be another hot day for October, as the normal high is 71 degrees, and it had eclipsed that make before I left. In fact the overnight low was just three degrees below that mark. It had been an unseasonable late summer, early fall. Just my luck!

I started out heading east on Washington Street, after a brief stop to fuel up, I eventually turned south on Post Road. I joined US-52, Brookville Road, and took it south and east. I could take this two lane highway all the way to Rushville. I would pass through a couple of towns along the way. I also passed The Roost, a chicken eatery that I would be returning to around noon. For now, I continued on to the Rush County Historical Society.

I meandered around town, and pulled up in front of the old house that is home to the museum and society. I stepped inside was greeted by three nice d…

Red River Gorge, Day 3: Dodging Our Way Back Home

Sunday, October 1st, 2007

Another crisp morning, but it is now October, although later on in the day is would feel like April, and then August!

We tried Rose's again, but they didn't open until eleven, and we were up and going before then. We began our journey back, passing through the Nada Tunnel one more time, with pictures this time.

We then continued along SR-77 until SR 460, which we only took for a short while until we came upon Frenchburg, Kentucky, where we stopped at a little corner cafe to have breakfast. It was cheap, good, and very filling!!

We continued along SR-460 stopping in Paris for a bathroom stop. It was also a nice stop to pick up some more compliments about the my exhaust pipe and the bike in general.

We continued on SR-460 to Frankfort, and then onto US-421. We began meandering our way up north, and back to the Hoosier State. Madison, Indiana would mean another bathroom break. Then back on the road for about 25 miles until Osgood, Indiana, and the Grubb…

Red River Gorge, Day 2: More on Foot than Wheels

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another lazy morning, after all, this a weekend vacation. We packed up what we thought we needed on the bike, and rode a short travel to Rose's Cafe. There are slim pickings when it comes to dining. We met a couple there, each on there on bikes, and had nice conversation with them as we ate.

We started out back in Slade, looking for information. With knowledge in our head, we made our way to Nada, Kentucky. After two miles on SR-77, we came upon the Nada Tunnel. It was morning, and the east side was quite dark still, so I thought we would ride through, and take pictures on the other side. Well, the other side had parking areas headed downhill, not good for a bike and a kickstand!

We continued along the wonderful scenic and curvy roads through the park. Nina had not said anything about where she wanted to go, so I pulled off a gravel road to a trail head. We got our bearing, and then headed for the Park Office.

Most of the roads to anything other tha…

Red River Gorge, Day 1: The Trip South

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, the day begins, 250 miles or so to tuck into the day. We started about half past nine in the morning. The first part of our trek was east on Washington Street to Post Road which we took south to Brookville Road, US-52. We then took SR-9 south into Shelbyville, Indiana.

We cruised a few city streets of Shelbyville, eventually arriving on US-421. This would wind us south along I-74 to Greensburg. This town is interesting because of it tree growing out of the courthouse. We stopped at the Shell for a potty and drink break. We then headed back down 421 to Napolean, Indiana. We turned east, and headed toward Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We would stop here for lunch and to get gas. The place attached to the fuel station was kind of a dive, but the food was edible, and would carry us over for the afternoon.

We ventured into Ohio, and then took a ferry across the river into Kentucky. We followed a group of four other motorcycles on board the barge. They w…