Riding to a Job

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Here is another trip to the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarter to run a camera for the coverage of the school board meeting. Not the most exciting television, but it pays well, and it provides a community service.

It was trip like most of mine to work listed on here, beginning with heading west on East Washington Street. I rode until Delaware, even though the GPS had another route laid out.

I went north on Delaware until the headquarter building, pulled around behind, and parked the bike.

I always show up early for this job, as I am payed for the job, not by the hour, so if I get there early, we get things set up faster. The only other crew member that showed up early was Megan, who is actually a High School Intern, who has been working with me on the last few broadcasts. She must be really learning from me, as she showed up early, a bit under the weather, but still trooped her way through helping me load in almost all the camera gear into the board room!

During the meeting I didn't work very hard. Megan did it all for me, and she did a great job! The only corrections I had to make were subtle, and are things that are learned from experience. There is a lot of the video business that is science, and lot that is art. There is no way to teach the art!

It was cooler and dark when we finished up the meeting, so I hoped on the bike, clad in my leather jacket, and made my way home. I went north on Delaware until the ramp to I-70/65, and headed east. I had to slice my through a couple of semis to get over to I-70. Then a quick slow down to the 45 mph speed limit through this area of construction.

I made my way to 465 South, and then back to Washington Street. It was a short and quick meeting, so I got home at a good time.


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