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Passport Ride: Hanging Rock State Park

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, February 2017

This is the first in a series of articles of my, and my favorite riding partner’s, trips to fill up our North Carolina State Park Passport.
Shortly after moving into our new home in North Carolina, we made our way to a state park. We are lucky that Morrow Mountain State Park is less than thirty minutes away. We were impressed with the Stanly County Park, and soon found out that is a frequent destination for two wheel travelers. We also knew that it couldn’t be the only state park that is a great destination.
So on a July day, with the skies full of Carolina Blue, we headed north. Our journey out of Locust started on Bethel Church Road, heading east to Coley Store Road. We had planned a two hundred mile route, and wanted to allow time for the park to make a good impression, so we had started early in the a.m. The air rushing passed us as we covered these county roads was losing it’s crispness, as the sun was already beginn…