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Halloween: A Scary Record

October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat! Today is a day for a spooky ride, right? Maybe I should throw a hay bail or two on the bike? Well today would be landmark day, but for more than being a day when kids dress up as their true evil egos, and beg from door to door for candy. I like Halloween, just like have a strange take on it.

Kasey and I started out of Danville, Indiana heading south on SR 39. Cartersburg Road is another great we take out of town, and I haven't ventured down SR 39 in a while. We arrived at US 40, The National Road, and headed a little east, past Cartersburg Road, and turned south on Miles Road.

After jogging on a few County Roads, we arrived at SR 267 and headed south. This part of SR 267 winds it way south into Moorseville, Indiana. We turned left, heading east on SR 42 to cruiser further into town. We took South Indiana Street until we arrived at Grey Brother's Cafeteria. It is positioned just before the Indiana Street pours back onto SR 67.

Grey Broth…

The First Trip

Friday, October 10, Saturday October 11, and Sunday October 12, 2008

Despite being October, the morning was warm for this time of year, and the day would get even warmer. Besides being a major first trip for Kasey on the bike with me, it was a trip that seemed like it was just not going to happen. With only a day or two to spare, the plans got firmed up, and here we were mounting up on The Pearl for Kasey's first overnight voyage.

We started out of Danville heading south on SR 39. To make some time in the morning, we hit the super slab known as I-70, and turned out some "blue collar" miles. We stopped in Terre Haute, Indiana, and took a break. We stayed on the Interstate until Greenup, Illinois, and then switched over to the parallel and original highway, US 40, also known as The National Road.

It was not to long on this more laid back, less traveled highway that we arrived in Effingham, Illinois. Our first stop here would be for lunch, at the apptly named Cruisers Ca…