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Riding for a Cause

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Before I talk about the ride today, I thought I would list some of my thoughts on Motorcycle Rides for Charities. I look at it as a way to do good things while I am enjoying a hobby. However, I have found that their are some I like being a part of, and some I have decided to just not ride in anymore.

In Indiana, we have a riding season, usually dictated by the weather. However, the ride calendar is often dictated by hopefulness. Evidence of this is the fact that charity motorcycle rides start in late February and Early March. These are times of the year that inches of snow can blanket the landscape, and temperatures can be in the single digits, plus or minus! By the end of March, there are multiple rides every Saturday and Sunday to raise money for good causes. This lasts until past Thanksgiving often times. Heck, I know of at least two rides that take place on New Year's Day, now.

Some fund raisers have even created events that take place during …

Celebrating with Old Friends

Friday, August 28, 2009

It is hard top believe, but one year ago, I hopped on The Pearl, rode it over to Danville, Indiana for the only the second time to pick up Kasey to go on a ride. It was her second ride with me, and I was going to introduce her to some of my friends. They wouldn't shake her hand, or give her hug, but they would carry her over trouble waters. We took a tour of Covered Bridges, and did run into a couple of human friends, the owners of the Bridgeton Mill.

So flash forward a year. The Pearl is in the driveway, we have our helmets and riding gear on, and the bike packed down for a long weekend. We are heading back into Covered Bridge Territory, after a trip to Danville, Illinois.

We headed out of town making our way south. We meandered on Hendrick's County Roads until we got to SR 75. We took that south to US 40. We took The National Road west until we arrived at SR 243. The entrance to this state road is almost hidden, and I have missed it a couple of …