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Recollection: Rides Before the Blog

Rides from the Past.

From time to time I get inspired, and like to recall some rides I had been on before I kept a blog. These listings will be different, as they will offer little or no specific directions, and may include stories from other rides, too.

This one will deal mostly with a trip to the national rally for Cruiser Club, USA. The rally is always held in June, and I believe this one was in 2001, and held at the chapter located in Farmvile,Virginia. My brother and I had gone on motorcycle trips together before, some with our father in tow, and one even had my brother's brother in law along on the journey. My brother was now mounted atop the bike that the law once owned.

We were leaving Indianapolis, Indiana, with the thought of following the National Road, US 40, to Cumberland, Maryland. That would be our overnight destination. This was before either of us had delved into the world of GPS, as they were just catching on, and with high price tags. So armed with an arr…