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Get Your Tickets!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Motorcycle riding is often compared to being a cowboy, just that you sit atop a steel horse. Well, there are days you feel like the cowboy, and days you feel like the horse. I know the above map is a mess, but allow me to explain.

I started out on my usual route across town, and into Danville, Indiana. I headed west on Washington Street, then veered off on Rockville Road, crossing 465 where it becomes US 36, splitting my way through Avon, Indiana, and then into Danville. When I arrived at Kasey's house, no one but Jessie, her Chocolate Lab, and her two cats where home. I let myself in.

When Kasey and her two kids got home, I was in the back of the house on the computer checking my email. There was no Hellos, no How are you doing, they were both heading down one track. It would have sounded like a chorus if they weren't screaming, the refrain? Can we go on a motorcycle ride!

Well, Kasey and I laid out a plan, first, she would take her daughter to …