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IPS Uniform RIde

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I always like to make today's ride, when I can, but i have had trouble with people not telling me about until after it was over, or telling me the wrong day. I was pretty sure I had the date nailed this time.

Was hoping to pick up with some new members of the group, as well as some people from some other new groups I had just met. So when we pulled into Gas America, Joan, from the Indianapolis Motorcycle Meet Up Group, some members from Women on Wheels, in addition to some others.

We were headed to the starting point at Southside Harley Davidson. Franklin Road would put us on our way south, and would take us all the way to Southport Road. I little stretch to the west, and we were pulling into the parking lot for the ride.

While there, a large group rode in with various customized sport bikes, extended wheels, lots of chrome, and very cool paint jobs.
Like a lot of these rides, they follow roads I have been on usually numerous times, but I don't mind. …

Bloomington's Boost for a fellow Biker

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

I made my way down to Bloomington, Indiana and Karst Farm Park for a Charity Ride. It was mostly State Highways, but a big group including friends from the Bloomington Chapter. Another hot day, but a good day of riding.