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Second Ride of 2005

February 5, 2005:
From the last day that you go for a ride, when you live in a area with a riding season, you start thinking about the first ride of the next season, and as the calendar winds down to end of another year, you wonder when that next ride might be. So with a forecast of sunny skies and temperatures near 60 Degrees, it doesn't long for spring fever to get to me. On the invitation of Ron, extended to all of Reed's Eaters, I embarked on the second ride of the year. Reed's Eaters is a underground name for the group of riders who gather every Sunday, usually at Shapiro's in downtown Indianapolis. Mr. Reed is in charge of the e-mail list, so he gets the name, but not the naming rights.

I was the first to arrive at Dreyer Honda, a Motorcycle Shop located on the West Side of Indianapolis. I believe the West Washington Street Dealership is the oldest in the United States. I got there early to pick up some Honda Spray Cleaner. I do mention the cleanerr by name, …