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Three Short Rides in the Last Week

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The weather has not been cooperative with riding, must be because the race is coming up! Actually, today's ride was iffy at best until the morning. With my scan of the skies, and the ok from the weather man, I decided to venture out on two wheels. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be writing this!!

My meeting was WFYI, my former employer, and now a client, so I headed out along the route I have many times before. I went west on Washington Street to Delaware, which goes one way north. I took that to Tenth Street, and headed west two blocks to Meridian Street. After four more blocks north, I arrived at WFYI.

The meeting went by pretty quickly, and stayed on course, which is unusual for meetings! I decided I wanted to get home quick, so I after a few blocks south on Pennsylvania Street, I headed east to the ramp for I 70/I 65. Even though I was taking the highway, it wouldn't be fast! With the construction, the speed limit is a very enforced 45mph. I …


Sunday, May 20, 2007

The ride this morning was to Shapiro's Downtown to have breakfast with some biker buddies, and discuss The Soup Run. What has become my odyssey to get soup, which many people though I was crazy, has no expanded to include five other riding with me.

This trip will be much more interesting than the one I am writing about now, so consider this a tease!

I took Washington Street to East to South and Meridian Streets. Came back on McCarty, north on Delaware, and east on Washington. Caught up to Wild Bill on the way along Washington. My dad also joined us for breakfast. We had a good sized group.

Planning Things Just Make me More Excited!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lot of times I go on rides, the destination is secondary to the route to get anywhere. Today's ride is about the destination, so the roads were not the most interesting.

I hopped on board the bike around 15 minute till eleven in the morning. I started out on 465. Had to make a brief stop at the close I-70 exit to close down the saddle bag I had left open. That didn't take long, and I was back on my way.

From 465, the loop around Indianapolis, I bears off on the exit for Fort Wayne, I-69. I could take this super slab all the way to the meeting spot, but I had the time now to spend taking a less direct route.

I was on I-69 for about 3 miles and exited off to SR 37. I would take this until it crosses SR 26. I was to meet my brother, and we would continue to the Uno's Chicago Grill in Fort Wayne. When I arrived at the intersection, I noticed a problem. It wasn't that my brother wasn't there, it was that there was no place to stop and meet? …

Thank Goodness for the Salmon Cobb!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Only a short ride today, as I am heading downtown to met a former co-worker for lunch, and discuss a project with him. Shelbi Street Cafe, located in the historic Fountain Square Building is one of my favorite places. More on that later.

I headed west on Washington Street until just passed Emerson, were I veered left, to head south on Pleasant Run Parkway. I weaved my way south and west on it until I got to English Avenue, where I headed west for bit, and rejoined the parkway. This leads me past the natural gas hold, a flexible storage tank that the top raise and lowers based on how full it is. The past the Coke Plant, not the drink, the element used in steel. It is a very industrial looking site. It must be what it is like to be in Pittsburgh!

Eventually, I arrive at Prospect Street, which I take west into the Fountain Square District. I park the bike, and see Aric get out of his car, as I dismount. We walk across Shelby Street, and step inside the restau…

Life on the Backroads

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I have been kicking around a motto in my mind for about a year now, just couldn't get the words right. Finally with the words rattling around in my head, and pavement moving underneath my two wheels as it twisted and turned through Indiana, it came to me. I like the back roads not just for scenery or that it is a path that not a lot of people are on, but because it takes longer! People wonder why I hat the Interstate and other highways, because you get to where you are going faster!!

"Life is a journey, Taking the highway only gets you to the end sooner."

This was the trip to put these words together. Wade lead Carl and I on trip that was just about all back roads through Martinsville and down to Nashville, Indiana. Too many windy roads to mention, and i don't remember a lot of them!! I have been on several the roads, some I have not.

The first road I remember was Mann Road, where there was an accident at the turn, two cars. We crossed 44, a…

A New Do, and Dinner Too!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Earlier in the week the weatherman was calling for Wednesday and Thursday to be a washout. It did rain on Wednesday, we needed it, so it was okay. By the time today rolled around, the chance of rain was gone.

My first trip was to a new place to get a haircut. It is a place that Nina has been going to for the last few times, and she made the appointment. After lunch and shower, I mounted my VTX 1800, and headed for Washington Street. Surprisingly, the light changed in short time, and off to the east was where I headed. After passing under 465, I turned south on Franklin Road.

It was a warm day, and the sun was beating. First time this year I wore my half helmet, felt good to have more wind in my face. I beared to the left at SR 52, Brookville Road, and headed southeast. First trip was a construction site that had the road down to one lane. After passing that hurdle, I was off and back to speed.

While stopped at a red light, a guy on a blue Harley pulled up …

Winter to Summer, No Spring!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I was excited today because I think it is the first time this that I will be able to ride to Columbus, Indiana to work for Cummins Engine Company. I had hopes for previous days, but the weatherman done me wrong at the last minute!

I rolled out of the driveway and down to Washington Street in the 65 Degree air. Nearly perfect riding weather. If it were a little warmer, I could keep the leather on all day and be nice and comfy.

I went West on Washington Street until the Shadeland Avenue exit. I take this south, and merge on to 465. The trucks seemed heavier this morning. The battery on the MP3 Player was dead, so I thought I was use the CB, on channel 19, for entertainment. There was more traffic on the radio, the closer I got to I-65.

I would be on I-65 for most of this trip, heading south for about 30 miles. Pretty uneventful trip, although I did see another rider on a Red Retro VTX.

I arrived at the CTN Studios, but no one seemed to be answering the bell at th…

Not So Flat! I Mean Fast!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Well, the day didn't start out to well. My dad showed up earlier than expected, and I had to rush out the door, as I wanted to add some coolant to the bike. I got the coolant in, and rolled the bike out of the garage. The tire looked low on air, so I got out the air hose, and inflated it. About 5 pounds low, but It had been a lot miles since I last checked it. When I came back to the bike, the tire looked low again!! I decided to roll it back in the garage, where I could put it up on the lift. I slowly rotated the tire, and used water to check the plug and valve stem.

After finding nothing, I added more air to the tire, taking it up to 50 lbs, five more than normal. I went in to say good bye to Nina, and give the tire some time to sit. When I came back out, it looked fine. Figured I could take a chance to the meeting point.

Dad I started out west on Washington Street, and took the ramp to South Shadeland Avenue. Shadeland flows into 465, which we took…

Less About the Riding

Thursday, May 3, 2007

So you probably all know by now that the first Thursday of the month means another Cruiser Club Meeting. For those of you who just want to hear about the riding, here it goes. I arrived home, hopped on the bike, and took off west on East Washington Street into, and through downtown. I took Holt Road north to 16th, and then 16th further west to High School Road. I was second to arrive at McGilvery's, just behind Mr. Wade.

After the meeting, I headed out north on High School Road to 38th Street. Heading east on 38th street leads me to I-65 and then I-70. I get off of I-70 at 465 on the east side of town, heading south until the Washington Street exit.

Now, on to something else. I wasn't on the bike, or at home early this day, I was in Nashville , Tennessee. I was at the funeral for a friend of mines mother. This is one of my friends that I have had since High School. Many of my friends I have known for years, even decades, and this friend is no ex…