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Rekindling a Friendship and a Flavor

Friday, August 31, 2007

Today the destination is Bridgeton. I haven't been there in a while, and I haven't seen Mike Roe, the Mill Owner since last year!! First, I need to stop by the post office, get some stamps, and mail some items.

I continued on 10th Street, and decided to see how far it goes. The GPS was tracking me to Greencastle, so I knew I would get where I wanted to go! I ended up meandering on county roads, after they stopped calling it Tenth Street, and on SR 39, just north of Danville. I took it south, nearly hitting a woman backing up on a bridge, in the middle of the road, btw.

I eventually turned on SR 240, and made my way into Greencastle, Indiana. I then re-routed the GPS to Bridgeton. I had a twisty back road I wanted to take to get there. It is called Greencastle Road, even though I was heading away from that berg. I went south on SR 59 and then took county roads into the town named after its covered bridge.

After a potty break, I saw Mike and Karen, h…

Sometimes It Amazes Me How Things Work Out

Thursday, August 30, 2007

If you read yesterday's post, then you know I was busy tonight, and this will not be a Thursday trip to the Parental Unit Dwelling. I was headed for the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarters for another board meeting. They are working on the building, so a motorcycle is much easier to park in the area.

I went west on Washington Street, heading into downtown Indianapolis. I took Delaware north to the headquarters. I have noticed of late that people are really slowing and have heeded the warning of local authorities about school zones. Have to be careful, because people really slam on the brakes to get down to the 25 mph speed.

I was early, as I always am, but the production trailer is usually there? It wasn't. Other crew members started showing up, I knew something was wrong! The truck that pulls the trailer had engine problems, and was being towed to the location. The engineer picked up the camera kits, and brought them ahead. We built the c…

Work and PUD: I know it isn't Thursday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First stop of today's trip is the UPS Store to ship off my old digital camera. It was not taking good pictures all the time, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I started out heading west on Tenth Street until Shadeland Avenue, the corner the UPS Store is located. The people are always so friendly in that store.

From there, I continued west on Tenth Street, following the route that the GPS laid out for me. I was heading to Shelbi Street, a favorite place for me to eat! I came upon Sherman Avenue, and then headed south to Prospect Avenue. I could take this west to Fountain Square.

Lunch was delicious, as it always is there, if you are near the area, I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat. I headed out of there on Virginia Avenue, which goes north and west and into downtown. After passing under the Conseco Field House Parking lot, I took Delaware north to Tenth Street. I jogged two blocks west, and then four blocks north to TV Station.

I spent…

Another Small Town with a Great Place to Eat

Sunday, August 20, 2007

I know I am not on a trip, but here I am with third day of posts, and a third day of riding. I started out west on Washington Street heading through town. I went past the zoo, and then took Tibbs Avenue North to 16th Street. I took it west to Crawfordsville Road where we would meet up at the Shell there. Al and Teresa where seated on their bikes.

After I fueled up, we waited for others to arrive, and then headed out. We took I-74 north and west until SR 267. SR 267 would take us south to Brownsburg. In that Indianapolis Suburb we turned west, and headed out US 136.

Upon reaching the burg of Jameston, we turned onto SR 234. It has some nice curves, and some wicked right angled ones. A great section is just passed Shades State Park, and features trees and great turns.

I have to mention, all along the way, Teresa, who was riding in the middle of the pack with Al leading, had her shirt blowing up. I was getting a nice skin show all along the route. Had to th…

Under the Sea!

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

My brother in law once said, "Water and Motorcycles don't mix." With that in mid, I was heading across the Ohio once again this year, and into Kentucky to the Newport Aquarium. I started out heading west on Washignton Street, and then too the ramp south on Shadeland Avenue. It merged with 465, which I took south to I-65. I continued going south to I-65 until I got to SR-44, the Frnaklin, Indiana Exit. After a stop at the BP for fuel, I road across the street to the Golden Arches to meet the rest of the group.

After chatting for a while, and trying to remember who is who, we headed out east on SR-44 towards Shelbyville. We then took SR-421 South, heading for Greensburg, Indiana. A new Honda plant caused a detour through the country, but we returned to SR-421, and went into town. Greensburg is famous for the tree that grows out of the courthouse roof. Sometime, I will do a ride just to get a picture of that.

We stayed on on SR-421 until we…

Gubernatorial Ride

Friday, August 17, 2007

First off, I am sure you are all impressed that I used such a word as Gubernatorial! This morning, I wasoff to ride to the statehouse of Indiana, and a ride with the Governor. The Head Hoosier has his own bike, in fact, he just got this one the last time I talked to him, after a taping of Indiana Lawmakers, a show I directed at the TV Station.

I started out heading west on Washington Street, after stopping for gas. I would take Washington all the way downtown, and past the statehouse to Michigan Road. I would go north about one block, and enter the lane on the west side of the statehouse. There were about 200 bikes already there. I apologize for the pictures, had to take them with my camera phone, forgot my camera on the kitchen counter.

I walked up to the statehouse, and filled out the waiver, and got the page of directions. I wasn't planning on doing the whole route before I showed up. It was Friday, I was riding Saturday and Sunday too, so I wanted …

Sunday: Back to Breakfast!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well, here it is Sunday Morning, and time for another trip to Shapiros for a meeting with the gang, and some breakfast.

I started out West on Washington Street. It was nice and cool, and the sun was coming up on my back. I veered off on Pleasant Run Parkway, and rolled through the curves that make their way along the creek. It leads me to Keystone Avenue, which I take a short leg south to Prospect Avenue. I head West until I get to Meridian Street.

I took Meridian Street north, under the I-70 Overpass, where I revved the engine, just to feel a little rumble.

I pulled into the parking lot, and took a place by the other three bikes in the lot.

The group broke up around Ten O'clock, and I was the first rider to take off. I took the ramp up to I-70 East, then the section that is I-70/I-65 combined, then peeled off into the "Super Seventy" Project, the re-construction of the highway from downtown to the beltway.

The speed limit is 45, and no trucks are …

Life Needs a Rumble

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Take a mental journey with me, when a Lion wants to let you know its presence, it roars. When a bear rares up on its hind legs, it growls. When you really want to get fired up, and motivate yourself, you can feel rumble in your gut. Life Needs a Rumble, I realized that today while cruising down The National Highway, US 40.

But how did I get there, and where did I go later? The motorcycle part of this journey begins with me heading East on Washington Street. After crossing under 465, the street moves traffic slowly past several shops and restaurants. One of the shops I wanted to stop at. My cell phone plan is coming due, and I can get a new phone, so I need to look at what I want. Usually I don't get the latest of any phone, so I have friends that have the phone I want, so I can feel it is my hand. Not this time,so far, so I wants to check the phone out.

After my brief stop, I exited the shopping mall on to Mithoffer Road. I took it north to Tenth …

Here Kitty, Kitty

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

For this morning's ride, I would need to head out early, and run an errand before arriving. You see, on Friday, I had dropped off some scrap metal to sell, and they require your Driver's License, as many have been stealing certain metals like copper. Well, the cashier forgot to give my license back, so I had to go and get it before I led a group of bikers without it!!

I started out on Washington Street, heading west toward downtown. I veered off at Pleasant Run Parkway, and meandered my way south and west until I arrived at the scrap yard. I slowly pulled into the dirt and mud parking lot, and got called at by the security guard. Not sure what he thought I was going to do? I got my license, interestingly enough from a little storage box next to the cash register which held other people's forgotten licenses.

With license in wallet, I head south on Keystone Avenue to Raymond Street, which I took west to Kentucky Avenue. Kentucky Avenue goes sou…

First Thursday of the Month!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Well, it you are reading and thinking this is a Thursday Ride to the PUD, then you have forgotten this is the first Thursday of the month, and meeting time!

It was almost too hot to ride, but I knew the return trip would feature the sun sinking, and cooler temps.

I started out heading west on Washington Street. As I was going into town, the traffic would be lighter until I got through the middle of town. I had plotted the shortest route in the GPS, and as I remember, I hit very little traffic following this route.

At Arlington, I could see the flashing lights of police cars. As I approached the intersection, I could see that it involved a pick up truck, and small vehicle. I have ridden past motorcycle accidents before, even one on a ride I was on where the rider was killed. No matter how many times I pass, I cannot get over the unnerving feeling. I feel like I never need a reminder of how dangerous this is, and that if I tangle with about anything on the roa…