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Getting Back Out There

Saturday, May 23, 2015

When you are trying to immerse yourself back into something, you always want to start out doing it right. I feel like my hiatus from motorcycling actually lasted two years. I rode right up until we left for Costa Rica, and I have a few thousand miles since we have come back, but in the grand scheme of things, that is just a run for breakfast. So 2015 will be when I am really getting back into things.

This nice day ride starts off a familiar spot, the gas station. We are in Danville, Indiana, where US 36 meets SR 39. From there, we would head south out of town, jogging over to Cartersburg Road. Smooth, curvy pavement greets us, and since I have been on stretch a number of times, it is a good warm up. After short stint on US 40, The National Road, we head south on Miles Drive, which bends to the east. At a traffic circle, we head south into Mooresville, eventually joining up with SR 267 which we follow through town to SR 144.

A lot of this route is familiar, since…

Back to Old Friends

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Google Map of this Ride

I really wanted to be pulling out of Danville around ten in the morning, but Mother Nature and my favorite riding partner, Kasey, were not cooperating. The two hours, we left at noon, allowed the temperature to rise about 20 degrees. That swing was enough of a difference for me not to complain.

We didn't get much of a riding season last year, to busy settling back in after the year in Costa Rica. Then there was that year, and the partial year before the adventure. I felt like a rookie rider, and I was excited as one to get back in the saddle. The trip is one I have been on, and wrote about on here. What a great way to back to riding than to visit some old friends, the roads, a covered bridge, a mill, and the people that own it.

We headed out of Danville by taking Mill Street to head south on Mackey Road. The first stop, we turned right, and began our track west. Lincoln Street divides the high school and one of the elementary school a…