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My Early Christmas Present: Power!

Saturday, December 23, 2007

Here it is, two days before Christmas, all my shopping had been done for a week! So unmanly. The sun came out, and melted the five or six inches of snow, sending the temps to near 60 degrees. So now you are expecting a long trip, right?

Wrong! Whether it was one thing or the other, the day eroded away, and darkness would fall before I would get this short trip off and running.

You would think after nearly 35 years of riding, that I wouldn't get the feeling I do when that engine comes to life. I admit it, I am deeply in love with this motorcycle, and when it springs to life, my heart races to match the rpm's, seemingly beating at nearly a thousand times a minute.

As the engine warmed, pumping the oil through its system, I tightened my helmet strap, and slipped on my gloves. I tried to get the garage door down, but it was going, and I wasn't waiting!! It was warm enough to leave it open.

The bike made a small leap as my left foot pushed down on …

Two Rides Two Day Before Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Well, here it is, just two day before Thanksgiving, the day we observe to give thanks, and to feast as our ancestors did! Usually, is it a sign of the impending winter. Well, if winter is going to be like this, bring it on! It was sunny, blue skies, and around 70 degrees! I could deal with a winter like that!

My first trip today would just be more errands. Starting out heading east on Tenth Street to Franklin Road, then north. I veered off onto Pendleton Pike, heading north and east. I then turned back due north on Post Road, trying to get a glimpse of what I thought was an Red Honda Sabre like I used to own.

I dropped a deposit off at Star Financial Bank, then headed west on 56th Street. I turned south on Shadeland Avenue. It had been a while since I had felt this power of the 1800cc's, and I really wanted to open it up. I wouldn't get the chance.

I cruised down Shadeland Avenue to Tenth Street. I was going to stop at the Kroger anyway, and I …

The first cold ride to Sunday Breakfast

Sunday, November 18, 2007

As it always is in November, December, January, and February, sometimes into March, riding any time during the day can be an iffy option. I woke up on this morning thinking I would be driving the truck down town to breakfast. It was cool, around 38, and I though there was a chance for rain. The rain was delayed, and I thought I could brave the cold air!

I headed into downtown Indianapolis along Washington Street. After several cool miles that felt great, really awakening, I turned south on East Street, and took it to South Street, which I took west to Penn. The rest of the trip would be through a sea of blue, white, and horseshoes! Before Peyton Manning came along, you would not see this kind of tailgating! I probably could have gotten a pretty tasty breakfast!

I took Penn Street south, and meandered my way to Shapiro's. A lot of the regulars were there, and a good breakfast was had.

Just a side note, one of great importance. Earlier in the week, som…

First Thursday of the Month!

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you had a Boo-tiful Night!

It is time for another meeting of the Indianapolis Cruiser Club! This is the time of year when it gets iffy to ride, not only to meeting, but just in general. I guess my posts will get far few in between.

So I started out on the chilly night heading west on Washington Street into downtown. After passing the zoo, I turned north on River Road, and meandered my way to 16th Street. After barely out dragging a scooter, lol, I pulled into the parking lot of The Brickyard Inn.

After the meeting and dinner, I headed back for home. It was down to around 40 degrees, and I didn't feel like hitting the interstate to get home. I took 16th Street east into downtown, and went south on Penn. Washington Street would take me back home.

This Ride will be a Gas!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I would start out by saying it is that time of year again, but this annual event has been a moving target in recent years. The Midwest Rep of Cruiser Club, USA holds a run each year to to he and his wife's home so everyone can get filled up with chunks of ham stewed with beans. There is of course also cornbread and desserts! Two years ago the ride was in July, and very hot, almost to hot for beans, but they are very good! Last year it was at the first of October, a perfect kick off to the fall season.

Well, you know what date this ride is on, and the weather had broken here in the midwest. Where it was near 80 at the beginning of the week, it had no turned cool and rainy. Today was no exception, and even though the moisture would cease falling, it was still heavy in the air, and in the dull gray sky overhead.

I ventured out, and followed a familiar path, east on Washington to Franklin Road, and then south. I took it all the way to Franklin, Indiana, …

Muted Colors, Great Ride

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Despite being a mid to late October Day, and the morning starting out like a typical fall day, the forecast called for summer temps in the low 80's!

I pulled down my street and then into the parking lot of the Thornton's Gas Station. Several bikes were already there, including my brother, Wade, and Wild Bill. Allan was at a pump topping off the tank. When I pulled in, I was told that Pete was coming back, as he was changing bikes because his back brakes were wore out on his ST1100. It was not long until he returned on his Goldwing.

After waiting until the time to leave, and seeing if anyone was going to show up, we headed east on Washington Street. We had two VTX's (Allan and I) Three Goldwings (Pete, Wild Bill, and Wade) and one Concours (My brother). We turned south on to Franklin Avenue, which we would take all the way to Frnaklin, Indiana.

We joined onto SR 44, and cruised through the Johnson County Town. We then went south on US 31. We wer…

Feeling Like I am in Production

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Everyday this late in the year is crap shoot on riding or not. It is much like the spring, and in Indiana, the weather can change in five minutes!

I began my way west on Washington Street, and then took the ramp to Shadeland Avenue. This would take me onto 465 South, and the southeast side of Indianapolis. I took another ramp to I-65 South, and began the long leg of the trip to Columbus, Indiana.

After 30 or so miles, I took the ramp to US 31 South. It was close to noon, so I decided to grab a bite to eat at the KFC/A&W Combo. I know it is a chain, but I was hungry for Fried Chicken.

After the Buffet Lunch, I continued south on US 31 to Indianapolis Avenue in Columbus, and then to the Cummins Television Studios. I have been in Pre-Production on a project for them, and we were shooting the first interviews. It is always good to kick off another phase of production, beacuse it gets the ball rolling!

After talking to three very well spoken individuals,…

Riding to a Job

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Here is another trip to the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarter to run a camera for the coverage of the school board meeting. Not the most exciting television, but it pays well, and it provides a community service.

It was trip like most of mine to work listed on here, beginning with heading west on East Washington Street. I rode until Delaware, even though the GPS had another route laid out.

I went north on Delaware until the headquarter building, pulled around behind, and parked the bike.

I always show up early for this job, as I am payed for the job, not by the hour, so if I get there early, we get things set up faster. The only other crew member that showed up early was Megan, who is actually a High School Intern, who has been working with me on the last few broadcasts. She must be really learning from me, as she showed up early, a bit under the weather, but still trooped her way through helping me load in almost all the camera gear into the board ro…

Another Errand Run!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Riding in October is not that uncommon for Indiana, but riding in Mid-October, and getting hot while doing it sure is. Maybe I got used to the hot days through summer, but walking around in the high 70's seemed cool, so I switched from my mesh safety jacket, to my leather jacket. It is well vented, and nice to wear you are moving, but stopping gets you warmed up fast!

I began my journey heading north on my street. I could see squirrels darting across the street in opposite directions. It was almost cartoonish! I headed east on Tenth Street until I got to Franklin Road. I then went north, meandering my way along side 465 until I go to Pendleton Pike. I was trying to make a loop out of my trip, but I had forgotten about all the work on this street. After the delay, I made my way north and east to Post Road.

I went north on Post Road, and took the back way into the shopping center that hosts Star Financial Bank. I made my way to the depository, dropp…

Airplanes, Bikes, and Chili! The ABC's of Riding!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

All week long I thought a ride on Saturday might be in jeopardy. Sure, Tuesday of this week it was sunny and near 90! but I had a bald front tire on the bike. That got changed on Tuesday Evening, but then mean Mr. Weatherman started talking about big changes!! It looked like outside it was going to fall through autumn.

As the day drew closer, it appeared that the skies would be clear, but the clearing would make for cool overnights. When I woke up on Saturday Morning, the temp was sitting at 37 Degrees. The sun rising was making the mercury rise, but it would be a chilly ride to start out.

Because of the cooler morning, I had moved the start time back to 10:30. We were heading to the Shelbyville Airport. If you read last year, you know I went to this even alone, but ran into people that I knew.

It was was still in the high 40's, but the sun made it feel a lot warmer. I cruised down my street, crossed Washington, and pulled into the Thornton's Gas…

Sunday Morning, New Location

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Well it is Sunday Morning, and time for another breakfast. Not at Shaprio's this time but at Reed's House. Apparently, his wife doesn't like their food, but would like our company, therefore wanted all of us over for gathering.

I started out going east on Washington Street. I rode along until I got passed Cumberland, and took County Road 700 south to CR 300. I then went further east until the road into Reed's neighborhood.

The usual suspects were all there, and some new ones. We had some great chow, heard some great stories, and then went our ways home.

My way, I went back west out to 700, and then south to US-52. I took it north and west, and rode a few miles to Franklin Road. I went north to US-40, and then west to my street.

First Thursday, Meeting Time!

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I think this is the first time I have had two posts on the same day. Since the other one was long, this one will be short one about my trip McGilvery's for our monthly meeting of the Indianapolis Cruiser Club.

I went on my usual way into town, taking Washington Street west into town. After strolling passed the Indianapolis Zoo, I turned north on River Road. I decided to take Michigan Avenue west next.

Tibbs Avenue would take me north to 16th Street, which I would take west to Crawfordsvile Road. I would then travel north and west until High School Road. I went north for a short while until I arrived. There were already a few bikes parked around the pub.

After a long meeting, actually it was more like dinner and a lot of stories, I began my journey back home. I went north on High School Road, turning to go east on 38th Street, and the joining I-65 to I-70. I ramped off of one interstate to 465, and then to Washington Street.

Working in a Two Wheel Office

Thursday, October 4,2007

I spoke before about Guilty Pleasures, and today would be another one of those days, but it would be a fruitful day.

It was going to be another hot day for October, as the normal high is 71 degrees, and it had eclipsed that make before I left. In fact the overnight low was just three degrees below that mark. It had been an unseasonable late summer, early fall. Just my luck!

I started out heading east on Washington Street, after a brief stop to fuel up, I eventually turned south on Post Road. I joined US-52, Brookville Road, and took it south and east. I could take this two lane highway all the way to Rushville. I would pass through a couple of towns along the way. I also passed The Roost, a chicken eatery that I would be returning to around noon. For now, I continued on to the Rush County Historical Society.

I meandered around town, and pulled up in front of the old house that is home to the museum and society. I stepped inside was greeted by three nice d…

Red River Gorge, Day 3: Dodging Our Way Back Home

Sunday, October 1st, 2007

Another crisp morning, but it is now October, although later on in the day is would feel like April, and then August!

We tried Rose's again, but they didn't open until eleven, and we were up and going before then. We began our journey back, passing through the Nada Tunnel one more time, with pictures this time.

We then continued along SR-77 until SR 460, which we only took for a short while until we came upon Frenchburg, Kentucky, where we stopped at a little corner cafe to have breakfast. It was cheap, good, and very filling!!

We continued along SR-460 stopping in Paris for a bathroom stop. It was also a nice stop to pick up some more compliments about the my exhaust pipe and the bike in general.

We continued on SR-460 to Frankfort, and then onto US-421. We began meandering our way up north, and back to the Hoosier State. Madison, Indiana would mean another bathroom break. Then back on the road for about 25 miles until Osgood, Indiana, and the Grubb…

Red River Gorge, Day 2: More on Foot than Wheels

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another lazy morning, after all, this a weekend vacation. We packed up what we thought we needed on the bike, and rode a short travel to Rose's Cafe. There are slim pickings when it comes to dining. We met a couple there, each on there on bikes, and had nice conversation with them as we ate.

We started out back in Slade, looking for information. With knowledge in our head, we made our way to Nada, Kentucky. After two miles on SR-77, we came upon the Nada Tunnel. It was morning, and the east side was quite dark still, so I thought we would ride through, and take pictures on the other side. Well, the other side had parking areas headed downhill, not good for a bike and a kickstand!

We continued along the wonderful scenic and curvy roads through the park. Nina had not said anything about where she wanted to go, so I pulled off a gravel road to a trail head. We got our bearing, and then headed for the Park Office.

Most of the roads to anything other tha…

Red River Gorge, Day 1: The Trip South

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, the day begins, 250 miles or so to tuck into the day. We started about half past nine in the morning. The first part of our trek was east on Washington Street to Post Road which we took south to Brookville Road, US-52. We then took SR-9 south into Shelbyville, Indiana.

We cruised a few city streets of Shelbyville, eventually arriving on US-421. This would wind us south along I-74 to Greensburg. This town is interesting because of it tree growing out of the courthouse. We stopped at the Shell for a potty and drink break. We then headed back down 421 to Napolean, Indiana. We turned east, and headed toward Lawrenceburg, Indiana. We would stop here for lunch and to get gas. The place attached to the fuel station was kind of a dive, but the food was edible, and would carry us over for the afternoon.

We ventured into Ohio, and then took a ferry across the river into Kentucky. We followed a group of four other motorcycles on board the barge. They w…

When You Ride 200 Miles for Lunch, You Are Bound to get Wet!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

As you may have read, if you have read any of my past posts, sometime I take a little journey to get a bite to eat. I'll take an even longer journey if I can break a little bread with a friend. This trip kills both those birds with one stone.

I got up, ready to hit the road, as I postponed the trip because of weather yesterday. I looked at the weather radar, and it looked similar to yesterday at this time, but, the storm was moving east and south. I thought I might get a little rain on me, but nothing major.

I headed down Washington Street to Post Road, fearing the entrance to I-70 was closed from 465 because of the construction. I took the ramp to I-70 and I was off heading east, with a full tank of fuel. The skies were a dark blue, but I could see light ahead. Twenty miles into the trip, and I was basking in sunlight? I was almost ready to take off the rain pants, and change to my tinted shield. I still had a 150 miles to burn, so I pushed o…

Some People Do the Stupidest Things!!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

First off, please notice that I say some people, not me, and not the people I was riding with. Also, the ride was fine, very enjoyable with nice weather, just a few hitches you will have to read on to find out about.

I started out around fifteen minutes after ten in the morning to head to the meeting spot for today's ride. We were heading on a rout that I have ridden most of quite a bit, and I am using it for the Poker Run at next year's Gathering of Eagles.

I pulled into the McDonalds/BP on South Kentucky Avenue, and there were three motorcycles already parked there. I saw another already pulled up to a pump. I knew my dad and another couple was coming, so we would have a nice group for the ride.

By the time 11:15 rolled around, we had nine people on eight bikes, a great size for a group ride. After a meeting, we put up the kickstands, fired up the engines, and headed south on SR-67.

We were on the State Highway for about 15 miles, and turned off …

Guilty Pleasures

Friday, September 21st, 2007

First, I want to issue a warning: I have decided to try and retain some of the things I think about while riding, and put them down here. Not so much to entertain the few readers here, but just so I have my stream on conscious written down.

Today's ride is actually a work ride. I have a friend who rides his bike across the country checking on things for his work, claiming it as saving his company money. Yeah I am sure it is a justification, but if it works. I am doing research, and wanting to begin production on a documentry on Indiana Covered Bridge Builders. So today, I was venturing out to Rush County, Indiana, to look at some bridges built by the Kennedy Family.

I started out heading west on Washington Street, and took it to Post Road, where I drove south to Brookville Road, or US-52. This highway took me south and west, through New Palestine and Morristown. It was hard to pass up the Kopper Kettle, but I was not quit hungry yet.

Portions of U…

Short Trip to the PUD

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Just a short post on this one. I ran up to the Parental Unit Dwelling (PUD) to mooch a free meal. If you read regularly, you know it is a weekly thing.

I started off from home heading west on East Washington Street to Arlington. Little did I know that it is closed just north of 21st Street where they are working on I-70. I took 21st Street west to Emerson, which goes over the construction, instead of how Arlington goes under, so it has remained open.

I was on Emerson Avenue for a while, and turned left onto Kessler Boulevard. This winds south of Glendale, and into Broad Ripple, Indy's village area. Lots of bars and little eateries dot the landscape of this area.

I went over to Broadway, then went north past a co-worker/friend's house, and then along the canal back to College Avenue, that I took north. I was on College until 116th Street through an area known as Homeplace. I went east on 116th, slowly, even though it is divided two lanes each …

A Guilty PLeasure: Taking the Long Way Home

Monday, September 17, 2007

Got a all near 11am today from my friend John. He had mentioned when we worked together that he wanted to meet for lunch. I was on my back from returning some gear, and we made an appointment to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise on the southside.

I took the quick way to get there, using Shadeland to 465, to I-65 South. The restaurant is just south of Southport Road, a little winding drive through other eateries and hotels.

I got a phone call from John as I rode, and even though he didn't leave a message, I knew he was going to be late.

We talked more than we ate. In fact, it was probably the closest think I will ever get to a girl chat! lol We talked about all kinds of stuff, and hardly a solution for any of our problems came about, but it was good to talk about them.

We finished, and left the restaurant. I headed further south on I-65 until Main Street in Greenwood. I was taking the long, more winding way home. Yes, this is a guilty pleasure, having the…

Sunday Morning, Appreciating the Comforts of Life

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It has been a while since I made my trek to Shapiro's for breakfast with the old crew. By old, I mean the guys I meet there, I believe I am the youngest regular!

I pulled out of the drive, and down the street into some crisp, morning air. The temp was around 50 Degrees, more likely on the shy side of that mark. It felt good. It woke me up, and made me feel alive!.

I headed west on Washington Street until Pleasant Run Parkway. It snakes through town, heading south and west. It is a aptly named road, except for the broken pavement, but a pleasant stroll through town.

After a stint on Southeastern, I return to the parkway, and pass by the coke plant, not the cola, the stuff made from coal. The natural gas tank sits low in its cradle, as it usually moves up and down depending on how full it is. Eventually, I spill onto Prospect Avenue.

In other posts I mentioned an elder man that I would see every Sunday, dressed to nines, most likely waiting for a bus to…

Quick Trip for Dinner

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This will be a short quick entry. I rode to my parent's for dinner, taking my normal route, Washington Street west to Arlington, then North to 56th Street, and west again to Kessler. I took Kessler north to Broadway, then through the village of Broad Ripple, taking College Avenue north to 106th Street.

I stopped at Wild Oats on my way home, then took 465 back around the north and east side of Indy to Washington Street.

See, that was quick!!

Toy Run Day 3: Coming Home is Usually Met With Sorrow

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I know from comments and e-mails that there are several regualr readers on this blog. First thanks for letting me bore you with my journeys. Second, you know the last day of a trip is usually met with sorrow. I can't say that I am really sad to head home from this experience.

The other couples were up early, and the younger couple was gone already by the time I got out of the tent. We were headed back to the same place for breakfast. First though, need to pack up the bike. That meant taking down the wet tent, rolling up the wet sleeping bag, gathering everything up. I was amazed that it all went back on the bike!

We trekked out of the muddy mess, needing to take detours, and get unstuck a time or two, but we eventually made it to the road! We met the hotel couple at the restaurant, and had another good breakfast..

They were taking a less complicated route, and I wanted to retrace some of mine so that I could take some pictures. I headed west on SR 1…

Toy Run Day 2: At Least It Didn't Meet My Bad Expectations

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Morning didn't come to early at all! It could have come a lot sooner, so it would have meant less revving engines, fireworks, and guys yelling!! I guess that is why I am here, though!

I was laying in my sleeping bag, wondering what time it was, and listening to the other two couples talking. Finally, the female part of the older couple yelled my name, and told me to get out get ready, they needed to register, and they were hungry for breakfast. I had met the older couple at the Covered Bridge Run, as they are with the Terre Haute Chapter of Cruiser Club, USA.

I was already getting changed out of my sleeping gear and into my clothes for the day, so they didn't have to wait long for me to make an appearance from my tent. I then needed to dress the bike! I told them to go ahead, I would meet them at the registration table.

They were done registering by the time I got up there, and we pulled out onto smooth pavement, and headed toward breakfast. Th…

Toy Run Day 1: Feeling Like Santa, But I Need Rudolph!

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Well the day is finally here. I always told myself I would never got to a big rally where you camp out in a field, and hang out all night with a bunch of rowdy, drunk people. Sound like Sturgis, well it is, say I missed it, it was last week, well your wrong, this is Sturgis, Michigan. It is also a Toy Run. It is also an event in which Julie, a friend and President of the the Cruiser Club, USA Chapter up there helps to put together. I have been promising her I would come, and this was the year I had no more excuses, besides my deep rooted reservations. But like my mom with a big old plate of vegetables, I figured I had better try it before I say I don't like it.

I headed out under cool, grey skies around nine o'clock in the morning. First stop was the bank machine, as the two previous times came up empty, with the unit being serviced. I continued north on Shadeland Avenue until it crosses 465, which I took north to I-69. Traffic was moderate, and I was…

Rekindling a Friendship and a Flavor

Friday, August 31, 2007

Today the destination is Bridgeton. I haven't been there in a while, and I haven't seen Mike Roe, the Mill Owner since last year!! First, I need to stop by the post office, get some stamps, and mail some items.

I continued on 10th Street, and decided to see how far it goes. The GPS was tracking me to Greencastle, so I knew I would get where I wanted to go! I ended up meandering on county roads, after they stopped calling it Tenth Street, and on SR 39, just north of Danville. I took it south, nearly hitting a woman backing up on a bridge, in the middle of the road, btw.

I eventually turned on SR 240, and made my way into Greencastle, Indiana. I then re-routed the GPS to Bridgeton. I had a twisty back road I wanted to take to get there. It is called Greencastle Road, even though I was heading away from that berg. I went south on SR 59 and then took county roads into the town named after its covered bridge.

After a potty break, I saw Mike and Karen, h…

Sometimes It Amazes Me How Things Work Out

Thursday, August 30, 2007

If you read yesterday's post, then you know I was busy tonight, and this will not be a Thursday trip to the Parental Unit Dwelling. I was headed for the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarters for another board meeting. They are working on the building, so a motorcycle is much easier to park in the area.

I went west on Washington Street, heading into downtown Indianapolis. I took Delaware north to the headquarters. I have noticed of late that people are really slowing and have heeded the warning of local authorities about school zones. Have to be careful, because people really slam on the brakes to get down to the 25 mph speed.

I was early, as I always am, but the production trailer is usually there? It wasn't. Other crew members started showing up, I knew something was wrong! The truck that pulls the trailer had engine problems, and was being towed to the location. The engineer picked up the camera kits, and brought them ahead. We built the c…

Work and PUD: I know it isn't Thursday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First stop of today's trip is the UPS Store to ship off my old digital camera. It was not taking good pictures all the time, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I started out heading west on Tenth Street until Shadeland Avenue, the corner the UPS Store is located. The people are always so friendly in that store.

From there, I continued west on Tenth Street, following the route that the GPS laid out for me. I was heading to Shelbi Street, a favorite place for me to eat! I came upon Sherman Avenue, and then headed south to Prospect Avenue. I could take this west to Fountain Square.

Lunch was delicious, as it always is there, if you are near the area, I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat. I headed out of there on Virginia Avenue, which goes north and west and into downtown. After passing under the Conseco Field House Parking lot, I took Delaware north to Tenth Street. I jogged two blocks west, and then four blocks north to TV Station.

I spent…

Another Small Town with a Great Place to Eat

Sunday, August 20, 2007

I know I am not on a trip, but here I am with third day of posts, and a third day of riding. I started out west on Washington Street heading through town. I went past the zoo, and then took Tibbs Avenue North to 16th Street. I took it west to Crawfordsville Road where we would meet up at the Shell there. Al and Teresa where seated on their bikes.

After I fueled up, we waited for others to arrive, and then headed out. We took I-74 north and west until SR 267. SR 267 would take us south to Brownsburg. In that Indianapolis Suburb we turned west, and headed out US 136.

Upon reaching the burg of Jameston, we turned onto SR 234. It has some nice curves, and some wicked right angled ones. A great section is just passed Shades State Park, and features trees and great turns.

I have to mention, all along the way, Teresa, who was riding in the middle of the pack with Al leading, had her shirt blowing up. I was getting a nice skin show all along the route. Had to th…

Under the Sea!

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

My brother in law once said, "Water and Motorcycles don't mix." With that in mid, I was heading across the Ohio once again this year, and into Kentucky to the Newport Aquarium. I started out heading west on Washignton Street, and then too the ramp south on Shadeland Avenue. It merged with 465, which I took south to I-65. I continued going south to I-65 until I got to SR-44, the Frnaklin, Indiana Exit. After a stop at the BP for fuel, I road across the street to the Golden Arches to meet the rest of the group.

After chatting for a while, and trying to remember who is who, we headed out east on SR-44 towards Shelbyville. We then took SR-421 South, heading for Greensburg, Indiana. A new Honda plant caused a detour through the country, but we returned to SR-421, and went into town. Greensburg is famous for the tree that grows out of the courthouse roof. Sometime, I will do a ride just to get a picture of that.

We stayed on on SR-421 until we…

Gubernatorial Ride

Friday, August 17, 2007

First off, I am sure you are all impressed that I used such a word as Gubernatorial! This morning, I wasoff to ride to the statehouse of Indiana, and a ride with the Governor. The Head Hoosier has his own bike, in fact, he just got this one the last time I talked to him, after a taping of Indiana Lawmakers, a show I directed at the TV Station.

I started out heading west on Washington Street, after stopping for gas. I would take Washington all the way downtown, and past the statehouse to Michigan Road. I would go north about one block, and enter the lane on the west side of the statehouse. There were about 200 bikes already there. I apologize for the pictures, had to take them with my camera phone, forgot my camera on the kitchen counter.

I walked up to the statehouse, and filled out the waiver, and got the page of directions. I wasn't planning on doing the whole route before I showed up. It was Friday, I was riding Saturday and Sunday too, so I wanted …

Sunday: Back to Breakfast!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well, here it is Sunday Morning, and time for another trip to Shapiros for a meeting with the gang, and some breakfast.

I started out West on Washington Street. It was nice and cool, and the sun was coming up on my back. I veered off on Pleasant Run Parkway, and rolled through the curves that make their way along the creek. It leads me to Keystone Avenue, which I take a short leg south to Prospect Avenue. I head West until I get to Meridian Street.

I took Meridian Street north, under the I-70 Overpass, where I revved the engine, just to feel a little rumble.

I pulled into the parking lot, and took a place by the other three bikes in the lot.

The group broke up around Ten O'clock, and I was the first rider to take off. I took the ramp up to I-70 East, then the section that is I-70/I-65 combined, then peeled off into the "Super Seventy" Project, the re-construction of the highway from downtown to the beltway.

The speed limit is 45, and no trucks are …

Life Needs a Rumble

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Take a mental journey with me, when a Lion wants to let you know its presence, it roars. When a bear rares up on its hind legs, it growls. When you really want to get fired up, and motivate yourself, you can feel rumble in your gut. Life Needs a Rumble, I realized that today while cruising down The National Highway, US 40.

But how did I get there, and where did I go later? The motorcycle part of this journey begins with me heading East on Washington Street. After crossing under 465, the street moves traffic slowly past several shops and restaurants. One of the shops I wanted to stop at. My cell phone plan is coming due, and I can get a new phone, so I need to look at what I want. Usually I don't get the latest of any phone, so I have friends that have the phone I want, so I can feel it is my hand. Not this time,so far, so I wants to check the phone out.

After my brief stop, I exited the shopping mall on to Mithoffer Road. I took it north to Tenth …

Here Kitty, Kitty

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

For this morning's ride, I would need to head out early, and run an errand before arriving. You see, on Friday, I had dropped off some scrap metal to sell, and they require your Driver's License, as many have been stealing certain metals like copper. Well, the cashier forgot to give my license back, so I had to go and get it before I led a group of bikers without it!!

I started out on Washington Street, heading west toward downtown. I veered off at Pleasant Run Parkway, and meandered my way south and west until I arrived at the scrap yard. I slowly pulled into the dirt and mud parking lot, and got called at by the security guard. Not sure what he thought I was going to do? I got my license, interestingly enough from a little storage box next to the cash register which held other people's forgotten licenses.

With license in wallet, I head south on Keystone Avenue to Raymond Street, which I took west to Kentucky Avenue. Kentucky Avenue goes sou…

First Thursday of the Month!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Well, it you are reading and thinking this is a Thursday Ride to the PUD, then you have forgotten this is the first Thursday of the month, and meeting time!

It was almost too hot to ride, but I knew the return trip would feature the sun sinking, and cooler temps.

I started out heading west on Washington Street. As I was going into town, the traffic would be lighter until I got through the middle of town. I had plotted the shortest route in the GPS, and as I remember, I hit very little traffic following this route.

At Arlington, I could see the flashing lights of police cars. As I approached the intersection, I could see that it involved a pick up truck, and small vehicle. I have ridden past motorcycle accidents before, even one on a ride I was on where the rider was killed. No matter how many times I pass, I cannot get over the unnerving feeling. I feel like I never need a reminder of how dangerous this is, and that if I tangle with about anything on the roa…

Three Rides in One Post!

Haven't been doing much interesting riding, so I thought I would catch you up to where I have been cruising.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

This was just another run to Menard's Had to grab some hardware for the project on the house. Took Shadeland north to Pendleton Pike, and then into Menards. I returned the same way.

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

The skies were not as open to blue sky as they were the last couple of days, but the big was kind of dirty anyway, so if it rained, it would just help to clean off the smashed bugs on the windshield. After making some phone calls, and fitting a few other things in, I was running late for dinner at the PUD, Parental Unit Dwelling.

I started out heading west on Washington Street, and turned north on Arlington Avenue. I would take Arlington until I got to 56th Street, the avenue T's there. I headed further west, and took the exit to Kesler Boulevard. It winds it way west and and north through town, and even goes back south! I would be …