Toy Run Day 3: Coming Home is Usually Met With Sorrow

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I know from comments and e-mails that there are several regualr readers on this blog. First thanks for letting me bore you with my journeys. Second, you know the last day of a trip is usually met with sorrow. I can't say that I am really sad to head home from this experience.

The other couples were up early, and the younger couple was gone already by the time I got out of the tent. We were headed back to the same place for breakfast. First though, need to pack up the bike. That meant taking down the wet tent, rolling up the wet sleeping bag, gathering everything up. I was amazed that it all went back on the bike!

We trekked out of the muddy mess, needing to take detours, and get unstuck a time or two, but we eventually made it to the road! We met the hotel couple at the restaurant, and had another good breakfast..

They were taking a less complicated route, and I wanted to retrace some of mine so that I could take some pictures. I headed west on SR 12, through White Pegion, and then into Indiana, and back on SR 19.

This time through Nappanee, it was a fuel stop for the bike, not me. I was still full from breakfast, and I wanted to make it south out of the fog and grey skies.

My next stop was in Mentone, to take a picture of their egg. After that, I headed further down SR 19 until I got to SR 16, and headed west for Denver. Before you think I am going way out of my way, I should mention that I turned in Chili. Both of these places, as well as Peru and Mexico, which I would travel through soon, are all towns in this part of Indiana. My mother grew up in Denver, as well as her father, so I wanted picture of the old homestead. There are some differences, and the house to the west is completely gone, but I can still remember the kickball games, and the rides in the trailer behind grandpa's lawn mower. His little shop down the hill had seen better days, as he always kept things nice, but it didn't defer my memories.

I took the old county roads I used to now so well, I learned to drive on these roads, first on my dad's lap!! Not tall enough to reach the pedals, just big enough to see to steer!

I came out into Peru, and cruiser south to Main Street, and then west to a BP were I needed to use the bathroom. Feeling guilty, I bought some peanut butter crackers. I had seen what I wanted to see, and the clouds still loomed, so I was going to take US 31 most of the rest of the way home.

Just south of Tipton, I was getting very tired, so I pulled over, got some cashews and some water, and moved around a bit. That woke me up enough for the rest of the ride, about 35 miles. I took Keystone Avenue to 465, and then home. It was tiring weekend, but at least I gave it a shot!


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