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Run to Badin Beach

So with two days left in 2018, Mother Nature decided to bless North Carolina with some decent weather. 2018 has been one of the wettest years on record for the area, and two Hurricanes passing through didn't help that. When the rain was not in the forecast, that meant clear skies, but also cold temperatures, so the riding has been limited as of late.

It was still a little below Kasey's threshold, but with her encouragement, I headed out on the road alone. I started out heading north on 200, also known as Central Avenue, in the mid sixty degree air. As I made way into Stanfield, then out, and into Locust, then out, the speed limit bounced back and forth between 35 and 45 miles per hour. As I break free of Stanly County, the limit goes up to double nickles for short time until I approach Goergeville. This is not much of a town, but it does have a good sized volunteer fire department, which is also a good place for cops to hang out running radar. Sure enough, today I would be sm…

Slowing Down to take it All In

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, December 2018

End of the year reflections and checking the views

As a Midwest transplant to the southeast, I’m used to having to stop in the winter, and let the bike sit for weeks. I know most of us in the southeast don’t have to stop, but days that are good enough to ride become rare, the days good enough to ride mean extra layers.

The end of the year is also a natural time to think back over the past twelve months, as well as cruising my way to 100,000 miles. So, come with me on this ride through 2018.

The first real ride of the year was pretty typical for a premiere cruise. With an eye on the weather, a few guys start talking, before you know it, a plan is in place to meet up, and follow the leader. The only other rider I knew was Terry T-Bo. We cruised around Stanly and Anson County Roads. The sun poured through the blue Carolina Sky, but the temperatures were still cool. We made a stop for ice cream, but the corner shop hadn’t p…

Riding and Roughing It

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, November 2018

Motorcycle Camping at the Horizons Unlimited North Carolina Traveler’s Meeting

So, it may not have been the best idea to take our first foray into motorcycle camping to an event full of seasoned veterans at riding and roughing it. I had taken this same bike, my 2003 Honda VTX 1800c camping once before, years ago to an event in Sturgis, Michigan. I rode alone on that trip, so I didn’t need to leave room for a passenger, nor did I need all the items twice the people demands.

In the months leading up the Horizons Unlimited Event, my favorite riding partner, Kasey, and I went back and forth on whether we would make it or not. With the belief that we could at least make it to the closest hotel if needed, we decided to go for it.

Horizons Unlimited is a series of meetings that take place all year long and all over the world. Each meeting is a unique experience mixed with adventure travelers their vehicles. The locations are a…

Re-Riding History: Gettysburg

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, October 2018

Cruising through a town that is a living museum of history.

We all remember the Gettysburg Address and probably had to memorize it in school. While we remember the address, many may not remember Gettysburg was the site of the deadliest battle of the Civil War, and also became a turning point of the conflict.
Kasey and I rolled up to the front of the 1863 Inn for Gathering of Eagles, Cruiser Club, USA’s annual event. Since lunch, we had been following my brother, Kevin, and his wife, Virginia. The meeting was a surprise for Kasey, as the four of us had travels to quite a few GOE’s before she and I moved to North Carolina. Before I could withdraw my leg from the saddle, another Cruiser Club Brother, Bill, the president of the Bloomington Indiana Chapter greeted us. Bill and his wife attended for the first time last year, and it was good to see it was not their last. 
The 1863 Gettysburg Inn has been Family Owned & Opera…

Riding for You

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, September 2018

When riding and writing has a purpose and a face.

Sometimes I realize that in the motorcycle community, the only thing we truly share is the passion to

 ride on two wheels. Save that, riding is as individual as the vast number of bikes, and the options to make them as different as every rider. A major choice is to ride alone or with someone else, whether that means with an empty pillion or just one bike and one road. But there is another option, taking a passenger along electronically. In December of 2016, a Facebook Page was created that allows those who would like to ride alone, still share the experience and get a reward in return.

“Riding for You” brings together riders like you and me with those who may never ride because they can’t. Creators Reb Harbin, David and Merlie Hayslett Jackson use the page to pair up motorcycle riders with buddies. A “Riding for You” Buddy is a special needs person who has an interest i…

The Journey For a New Ride, Part II

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, August 2018

For my second trip looking for my next bike, I had to Wing It solo.

My current steel steed is approaching 100,000 miles, so my riding partner and I have been building a list of potential new bikes. Last fall we journeyed 125 miles to Fayetteville, North Carolina, to take a quick demonstration ride on an Indian Roadmaster. At that time, it was the front-runner, replacing the Kawasaki Voyager, with the Honda Gold Wing filling out the list. Since last fall, Yamaha rolled out an all new Star Venture, and Honda has issued a new model of The Wing. So, when a dealer about 20 miles away advertised a demo day for re-vamped red rider, I was up for it. Unfortunately, it also fell at a time when my riding partner, Kasey, would be in Florida visiting her parents. The dealership is in Monroe, North Carolina, is tagged with the name Iron Horse.My only previous visit to the dealership was a brief one, dropping in to check on a part. I fi…

Planes, Cars and Motorcycles: Other Forms of Travel

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, August 2018

The more I drive or fly, the more I want to ride

The month of April in 2018 was filled with days of travel. First off was a plane flight, followed by along car drive, and ending with a motorcycle trip. So, lots of miles divided by three forms of transportation.

Initially, I would take to the skies. My favorite riding partner, Kasey, is a disabled veteran. She served in the Air Force during the first Persian Gulf War, and since has battled the Veteran’s Administration, as well as an army of doctors to prove she suffers from Persian Gulf Syndrome, and all the ills that come with it. About six years ago, she traveled to Dallas, Texas to spend a week being medically tested for the signs and issues from being exposed to saran gas.

After several years of researching those findings, the doctor called her back to The Lone Star State for another test. This one would only include two rounds of blood draws. The rewards for the donat…