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A Reason to Give Thanks

Sunday, November 26, 2006

With the weather that Indiana has been having lately, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to write about riding in 2006 again!! When it was warmer, it rained, when it was dry, it was too cold, besides that, there were also days I just didn't have the time to ride. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday all fit into the last category, as Indian Summer had arrived on Thanksgiving Day! As the sun poured over the landscape, I sat inside with family, celebrating the fall holiday.

Friday, I hoped, there would time to get the bike out, and do a little run. When that didn't happen, I felt sure Saturday would hold the promise of miles on two wheels. Nothin' doin', I was spending my time erecting a greenhouse for Nina. Since the directions were so terrible, I feel like I have put two greenhouses together with one kit!! By late Saturday, with the sun dropping behind clouds, it appeared that Sunday would be the day, I was taking it all for myse…