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Last Saturday of the Year

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here it is the last Saturday of 2006. The sun slowly came out all day long, and by the afternoon, it was time to go for a ride. I started out heading east on Tenth Street until I go to the little town of Cumberland. I went south on Muesing Street and jogged on US 40, to continue south.

Muesing Street starts with two ninety degree turns, the first is a right hander, the second a lefty. I stretch of new pavement runs along the center of the road, making it uneven, about an inch difference. I came into the second turn just a little hot, but leaned on the handlebar to counter-steer. The bike healed over, and the floorboard folded up, pinching my foot. Suddenly I heard a load scrapping sound, and the bike was not going over an further. I glanced down, and could see the highway bar dragging on the raised pavement. I was nearly through the corner, so I throttled up, and the bike popped upright as I exited the corner. The was a first!! I could see chrome b…