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Riding with Veterans

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I have a riding friend that I hadn't ridden with for a long time. Actually, both he and his wife ride, and I always enjoyed riding with them, and the company when we stopped. He had emailed earlier in the year to set up a ride, but we just never got it planned. He hit me up on email once more, and we planned to ride together in the Veteran's Day Parade in Indianapolis.

Now, I am not a Veteran, but my riding partner is, serving in the Air Force during the first Persian Gulf War. She is disabled from what she experienced there with the oil fires and such, and so it is an honor to take her and have her participate in a parade in her and other's honor.

We started at the Speedway American Legion, coolly numbered Five Hundred, and it sits just across Georgetown Street from the famous oval. Here is out trip from the post to downtown:

We had to wait a little bit, but then we got going on the Parade, it took a while to cover a very little distance, but w…