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My Early Christmas Present: Power!

Saturday, December 23, 2007

Here it is, two days before Christmas, all my shopping had been done for a week! So unmanly. The sun came out, and melted the five or six inches of snow, sending the temps to near 60 degrees. So now you are expecting a long trip, right?

Wrong! Whether it was one thing or the other, the day eroded away, and darkness would fall before I would get this short trip off and running.

You would think after nearly 35 years of riding, that I wouldn't get the feeling I do when that engine comes to life. I admit it, I am deeply in love with this motorcycle, and when it springs to life, my heart races to match the rpm's, seemingly beating at nearly a thousand times a minute.

As the engine warmed, pumping the oil through its system, I tightened my helmet strap, and slipped on my gloves. I tried to get the garage door down, but it was going, and I wasn't waiting!! It was warm enough to leave it open.

The bike made a small leap as my left foot pushed down on …