My Early Christmas Present: Power!

Saturday, December 23, 2007

Here it is, two days before Christmas, all my shopping had been done for a week! So unmanly. The sun came out, and melted the five or six inches of snow, sending the temps to near 60 degrees. So now you are expecting a long trip, right?

Wrong! Whether it was one thing or the other, the day eroded away, and darkness would fall before I would get this short trip off and running.

You would think after nearly 35 years of riding, that I wouldn't get the feeling I do when that engine comes to life. I admit it, I am deeply in love with this motorcycle, and when it springs to life, my heart races to match the rpm's, seemingly beating at nearly a thousand times a minute.

As the engine warmed, pumping the oil through its system, I tightened my helmet strap, and slipped on my gloves. I tried to get the garage door down, but it was going, and I wasn't waiting!! It was warm enough to leave it open.

The bike made a small leap as my left foot pushed down on the gear shift, locking into first gear. Very few revs are needed as I slide out the clutch lever under my left hand. The 1800 cc's, 100 horsepower, and 110 foot pounds of torque slow move the 750 pound beast forward. A little throttle, and the bike came to life, slowly cruising to the end of the driveway.

I turned north, letting the bike ease up through the gears until I got to Tenth Street. After waiting for some of the Catholic Church Traffic, I eased heading East on Tenth Street. I would go until the next light, Franklin Road, and then turn south.

I was still taking it easy, just letting the engine warm, the fluids move around, and myself to get my riding legs back. I crossed over Washington Street, and continued south. I would make my way back west at Brookville Road. The pavement was wider, the street better lit, and I was getting braver, letting the bike run out some more throttle before shifting. I rode under 465, and then took the exit to Shadeland Avenue.

As I accelerated down the ramp, I saw a long break in the traffic, I didn't need to speed up to merge, but the bike sure wanted to! I let it happen, roaring through the gears, third and fourth, reaching fifth gear as I entered the road. I went under a railroad overpass, and eased off the throttle. It seemed to take forever to coast back to 55 mph.

The exit for Washington Street came up fast, and I leaned the bike over, switching back and forth as the pavement curved into the next road. I eased over to the left lane, and returned to me street in far too less time. It was a great present from Santa to give me just these few minutes to hear that roar, and feel that power.
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