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Re-Riding History: Gettysburg

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, October 2018

Cruising through a town that is a living museum of history.

We all remember the Gettysburg Address and probably had to memorize it in school. While we remember the address, many may not remember Gettysburg was the site of the deadliest battle of the Civil War, and also became a turning point of the conflict.
Kasey and I rolled up to the front of the 1863 Inn for Gathering of Eagles, Cruiser Club, USA’s annual event. Since lunch, we had been following my brother, Kevin, and his wife, Virginia. The meeting was a surprise for Kasey, as the four of us had travels to quite a few GOE’s before she and I moved to North Carolina. Before I could withdraw my leg from the saddle, another Cruiser Club Brother, Bill, the president of the Bloomington Indiana Chapter greeted us. Bill and his wife attended for the first time last year, and it was good to see it was not their last. 
The 1863 Gettysburg Inn has been Family Owned & Opera…