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To Plan or Not To Plan

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, March 2017

For an activity that is based in freedom, there seems to be one thing that we as motorcyclists can’t break free: debates. I’m not going to open the door to such things like which oil to use, what cleans what better and with less effort, or what brand is better.  While, I’m well aware there are lots of riders out there that just hop in the saddle, go, get lost, and finally make it back home; others of us like to have a destination, and planned a route to get there and back. I spent the bulk of five decades in Indiana, so I could just fire up the engine and run. The sun and moss growing on the trees were my compass. Most of the Hoosier cornfields are divided by numbered county roads that with a little logic, will get you where you need to be. I knew where I was about ninety percent of the time, if not from experience, then from the markers I just mentioned. I also had times that I had a specific destination, or a stretch of r…