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New Year's Day 2004

January 1, 2004:

I was joined by about five other guys. It was sunny, the streets were clear, and our ambitions were high. We started out thinking we would ride the whole first day of 2004 away. After a about 50 miles in the 40 degree temperatures, and having cold fingertips, we decided to cut the trip short. I know we road State Road 39 North from State Road 67, as we dined at the Wendy's south of  Danville. Most of us rode US 36 back to Indy, each rider pairing off at their exit. I would have been the last one riding, as I live on the east side of Indianapolis. I was on my 2000 Honda Shadow Sabre then, but by the end of the year, it would have Honda VTX 1800c as a partner in the garage.