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I must be getting old, I ride like a Gold Winger!

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Well, this is the year that my 40th Birthday approaches. As always, I can't fret it, I mean what can I do about it! I may as well celebrate, as I plan to enter old age kicking a screaming! I mean that is good cardo exercise, and it will help to be in good shape!

So Sunday grew on, I had completed the chores that I wanted to do for the day, and the sun was going down on what would possibly be the last good day for a couple of days.

My stomach was moaning, and I needed a treat. Close to six o'clock with the sun sitting, and the evening air cooling, I headed out. I took Tenth Street east to German Church Road. I went south on German Church, and arrived at you guessed it by the headline: Dairy Queen. Sure I had two other Dairy Queens much closer, and I even passed on of them, but I need to get some distance in! I parked the bike and headed inside for a cool treat.

NOTE: For those of you who don't know, Gold Wings and their riders are notorious fo…

Lunch Run

Friday, April 25, 2008

Earlier in the week, Easy Rider Jim, who is also the Treasurer of the Indianapolis Cruiser Club wanted to meet, to iron out some details with our membership. We had decided on Eva's in Pendleton. I called to touch base with him to make sure we were still meeting. I had to take off right after the phone call.

I decided that I needed to get there, so I took Washington Street to 465, then I-70 East to SR 9. State Road 9 was the best part of the ride, even though the road was mostly straight. It did pass through some cool small towns on the way. Where SR 9 meets SR 67/US 36 is where Eva's sits.

Many of my motorcycle brethren have eaten there, but this was my first trip. I was not disappointed, the meal was great!

The trunk on the bike was loaded with electric house wire I had left over, and I was going to deliver it to my dad, to use in his new garage. I had dropped like 60 bucks for a 250 foot reel, and only used about 50 feet of it.

I headed down SR 67/…

An Uncovered Bridge on the Way to the PUD.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It is a Thursday, and I am trying to remember when I last rode the bike to the Parental Unit Dwelling for dinner. First however, I was going to make a stop. If you have read any of these, you know my fascination with Covered Bridges. Well, they are building one at the State Fairgrounds, and I want to document some of its construction.

I started on what might seem like the only road near my house, Washington Street. I went west into town until Emerson Avenue, where I turned north. Nearly four miles later, at 38th Street, I headed west once again. After a few more miles, I would arrive the fairgrounds.

They had started cutting wood a couple weeks ago, and I had no idea where the construction was in the process. After tooling all the way around the fairgrounds, and not seeing any sign of a bridge, I returned to where I thought the bridge was to be built. A couple of guys were climbing into a truck. They said I was in the right place, but a little early for …

A Pair of Rides to Work

Tuesday, April 22, and Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just chiming in to report a couple of rides to a couple of jobs.

Ride one would be to the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarter Building. I was to run a camera, as I do twice a month, for the school board meeting.

I started out on Washington Street, heading west into downtown Indianapolis. I veered north onto Shadeland. I thought if we went to dinner someplace that doesn't take credit cards, I need some cash. I rode up north to near 16th Street, and stopped at the bank.

I returned south on Shadeland Avenue to Tenth Street. I headed west, and took Tenth Street as far as I could into town. It curves south, and eventually joins St. Claire Street. I took that west, and arrived at the headquarter building.

It was an action session, and the meeting was over in good time. I headed north up Delaware Street, and took the exit to I-70, heading east out of town. Running the super slab at 55 mph, it didn't take long to get to the belt…

Dinner and a Motorcycle

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Earlier in the day I had ridden to do a job, that was kind of a mundane ride, so I decided to break this ride up into its own post. As you can see, I have invented a whole new type of date. If this evening was actually a date, I really don't know, but perhaps I should endeavor to not be so oblivious to my new single lifestyle?

So that afternoon, I received a text message from Shelly. She was along on the VTX Meet, Greet, and Eat rRide that I did with the cruiser club, the one that like 8 million bikes showed up at! She rode in late with her mother. She wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for dinner, and then go for a ride. I called back, and said sure!

So around 6pm, I called and told her that I was available to meet, and she suggested Bella Vittas, a place on Giest Reseviour. They had seating overlooking the large lake. It seemed like a nice night for dinning on the water.

It took me about 20 minutes to make my way up Shadeland Avenue to Fall Cree…

A Couple of Short Rides

Tuesday, April 15 (Evening) and Wednesday, April 16 (Morning), 2008

I was hoping to ride down to Columbus on this morning, but Mother Nature wanted to remind me I live in Indiana by greeting everyone with temperatures at freezing. But the sun had come out, and the ground and air had warmed by afternoon.

So it was time to head to the second job at the Indianapolis Public Schools Headquarters. I headed into downtown from the Eastside going west on Washington Street. I needed to hit the bank, just in case we went out to dinner someplace that only takes cash. I think I had three dollars!

I went north up Shadeland to the bank, and then returned to Tenth Street, and took that west into town. This also avoided the construction and lane closures on Washington Street.

Near Downtown, Tenth Street Bends, and stops being Tenth Street. I was now headed south, and went that direction until St. Clair Street. This street runs along the north side of the HQ Building. A couple more block to the wes…

A Llovely Day For a Ride

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ok, so I don't get numerous comments about a mis-spelling in the title, I will explain, the two LL's area reference to the fields of Llamas that I saw while riding today. I know there are more typos in these things, and I would rather ride than revise!

So here is the trip. Actually, two trips. Monday afternoon I would down to the television center for Cummins Engines to do some editing work. I also rode back on I-65, all interstate, not interesting enough to report on! I also took this route to get down there this morning, in the darkness. If we were in the right time zone, I might have been able to see a beautiful sunrise!

So we were done early in the day, and I had time to take the scenic route home. I am still amazed at how much standing water is still around. None over the streets, but fields have small ponds in them.

I started by veering off US-31 on CR 450, a few miles shy of I-65. I traced a few more County Roads, paralleled SR-9 for a bit, and eventu…

Figuring it out, before the snake bites you.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I know I have proclaimed it before, and I am here to say it again!! Spring has sprung in Indiana!! The forecast was for partly cloudy skies to give way for full sun, and the mercury was to draw near 70!!

Part one of today's voyage was up Shadeland Avenue to near Castleton for a Sunday Morning Breakfast with the boys. Ok, I am the closest thing to a boy, but some of those old farts read this blog, and I want to make them feel good.

I returned home for a brief moment, and then headed back out. The trip to breakfast was in about 41 degrees, it felt chilly, but very tolerable. Coming back at 52 felt nearly balmy!! So it had climbed up into the upper 50's before I headed out.

I started going east on Tenth Street, then veered north on German Church. After just over a mile, I continued back east on 21st Street. If this is sounding like a familiar path, then you know I am on my way to Fortville Road, a favorite of mine. I was going all the way into Fortville…