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Two Bikes, Two Guys and The Bread Ladies

Monday, May 10, 2010

I have a busy week ahead, and it is also going to be a week filled with rainy weather, so ride opportunities would be slim and/or none. With that in mind, John, a friend from my broadcasting past, and I were going for a ride. He got down to his anniversary date for his job, and had 19 Days of vacation to use.

He made it over to my house, and after a brief exchange, we mounted up on the bikes and headed north to Tenth Street. I could feel the cold air on my bare ankle as my jean's pants leg blew up on the short trip north. It was something I would just ignore, as I was on two wheels, and feeling like that new front tire was getting scuffed in.

We headed east on Tenth Street to Cumberland, passing the edge of town, and the backside of Washington Square Mall. It would be another mile north, and we would hit Twenty-First Street, and east again. Leaving Marion County, the road quickly becomes County Road 100 North.

So far the stretch were long and straight, but i…