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Spring 2012: Getting back in the saddle

Wow, just checked, it has been like two years since I posted here. Been a lot going on, moved myself, moved my business, and had to do some work on The Black Pearl.

Anyway, I hope to get back in the saddle more, and then on the blog afterwards.

Most of the riding I have been doing has been back and forth from my new home in Danville, Indiana to Cummins Television Studios in Columbus, Indiana. Here is my usual route:

I head south out of town on Cartersburg Road, a nice winding road that ends at US 40. A short jaunt to Miles Road, and I am back south, winding through farm country. Then the road bends east, into Plainfield, and eventually to SR 267.

SR 267 is a quick connection to I-70, yes I said I, as in Interstate, Highway. I know, but it is a trip to work.

From I-70 I run to I-465 to I-65 South. The bulk of the trip is spent on this super slab until US 31. This is also where I really feel the sun rising on my left side.

I take the ramps to US 31 South to Indianapolis Road, and then t…