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A Ride to a Familiar Eatery

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well this was a quick trip that got planned at the last minute. Kasey's mom had been in town, for a farewell, I rode over to the same O'Charley's that Kasey I dined at the first time together to meet with her mom, kids, and friends.

I had to stop along the post office, so I meandered my way through town after running the errand. I took Tenth Street into town, then followed East down to Mass Avenue. Michigan would take me outbound of town. Once outside of 465, I went south to US 36. I headed a little further west, and arrived at the eatery.

The large group had a good time and a good meal, and I headed back out for home. I started on US 36 heading east back into Indianapolis. When Rockville Road ended at US 40, I took The National Road east through town and out the side of town the sun rises on first. Near the edge of town, I arrived at home.

Warming Up to Another Season

Friday, March 6, 2009

So for the first time of 2009, The Black Pearl spent a night in Kasey's Garage. It would be ready and waiting for us to take our first day trip of the year. I have written about the beginning of the season. It is an odd time, with everything still looking dead as they doing the winter, but my mind reminds me that life will soon come.

We started on a familiar route, out of Danville on Cartersburg Road. I was still getting my riding skills back, as this would be the longest that I would ride in a stretch this year. Finding the sweet spot in throttle, clutch and brakes was like learning to ride all over again. I eased into and out of every curve on Cartersburg Road.

When Cartersburg Road ended, we heaed west on US 40. It would only be a few miles, and we would make our way south again on SR 39. North of here, the road is much better, and after crossing over I-70 the road pulls through Monrovia. This time though, we veered off on SR 42, and made our way to …

The Worst Conditions to Practice Slow Riding

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I returned home after dropping Kasey off at the Veteran's Hospital. I got home and exchanged my 1998 Ford Ranger for The Black Pearl. She was waiting, so I high tailed it on I-70 into downtown. I exited at MLK Avenue, and meandered my way over to the IUPUI Campus and the Hospital. Kasey came out of the hospital, we got suited up and hopped back aboard the bike.

I pulled out on Tenth Street and headed west. Indianapolis is as well known for its amount of construction as it for its notorious planning. Not only was Tenth Street plagued with road work, so is US 36, and US 40, virtually every corridor to the west side of town!

As we crippled our way through, we arrived on the bridge that goes over 465. Exposed to the elements, I could feel the wind. Kasey mentioned on the intercom that we could be practicing for the Slow Rides at the National Cruiser Cub Rally. With the blustering wind and the pot holed road, it made practicing difficult.

We continued on T…