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The 70k Milestone

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Normally I don't much, if at all, about my errand runs, but this one was special. Nearly thirty miles from hitting a milestone, I headed out of town.

I meandered my way down Cartersburg Road, much of it newly paved, and smooth. Well it may not be smooth in the places I have drug my floorboard. After a short stint on US 40, and headed south on Miles Drive, which takes a bend, and then heads east connecting with SR 267. A short connection links me to I-70, and heading east.

My first stop was Star Financial, for the final time. After taking I-70 across the city of Indianapolis to 465 on the east side of town, then took 465 north to 56th Street. Heading east on 56th Street takes me onto the ground of Fort Harrison, a much reduced Fort, and it used to be the financial center for all the armed services. I arrived at Star Financial Bank, and closed out my business account. I also snapped a picture.

Yeah, I missed it by a mile, but I think another 5000 miles would b…