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I would Steak my reputation on this ride.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

There are some rides that I just don't know if they will be good rides or not. Then there are others that I just know I need to get somewhere, so it will not be a great ride. I am usually surprised. Either that, or I am able to find something that made it a good ride. Then again, any day of riding is better than many good days doing something else.

This ride will take us to a place I have been wanting to go for some time. I needed to plan a good route to get to the dinner table, as I knew the meal placed upon that table would be a great one!

We met at the Avon Shell, located at SR 267 and US 36. Kasey and I had come from her home in Danville, Indiana. I was looking for my brother to show, but he was busy with something that might make him not available. In his stead, Jim "easyrider" and my father showed up. Another small group, which means there are a lot of people who don't know what they are missing.

Another unique part of this ride w…

Riding is Work!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, when I can ride for work that makes for a great day! So here I was, at home, with my best girl, and camera operator for the day, heading out to work on two wheels.

I need to keep the project a little hush, hush for now, but hopefully soon, lots of people will know about it.

We started out heading on Franklin Avenue, and then followed the course my brother and I took on my birthday ride. Once through Boggstown, we veered around country roads until we arrived south of Franklin, Indiana in Ninevah.

Once through Ninevah, we passed Princess Lakes, and down the road to find a good location to shoot our video. We made our way to Beech Tree, then ventured further south, arriving in Gatesville, Indiana.

We shot the video sections we needed, and headed back out for Kasey's House. She didn't have a provision for her eight year old daughter, so we needed to rush our way home. That meant no lunch!

We made our way over to SR 135, and then headed north to Morga…

Birthday Ride 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, today's ride is a family event, my birthday, and it was going to be a family ride. With my brother in tow, we headed out to Washington Street, the east to Franklin.

We took Franklin south to Troy, and headed east again. Using Kitley and London Roads, we made our way further south and east.

London Road is one of my favorite roads, and we made quick work of its curves. It was not long before we made our way into Boggstown, Indiana. Some more county roads, and it was on to Flat Rock River Road, and scenic stroll over the Flat Rock River.

From there, we meandered our way through Greencastle, stopping for some water, and a break, then south to Napolean, where we made a turn east, and arrived in Batesville, Indiana.

Another great road lead us north, arriving on US 52, just west of Metamora, Indiana. We cruised into town, taking note of all the shops in this Tourist Trap, so of them closed from the economy. We were able to find parking along the canal, acr…