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GOE XI Final Day: The Journey Home

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Well, after a couple of days of riding and sleeping in the mountains, I guess being around so many people really drained me, it was time to head back home. Saturday Night was spent near Wheeling, West Virginia, right on US 40. I was about 290 miles from home, and my choice of The National Road, or the Superslab, I-70.

I started out on US-40, but it becomes I-70 before too long. I was making good time, and I was ready to be home. I-70 must be the most worked on section of interstate in the country! I saw more orange barrels then I have ever seen!

Springfield, Ohio was 160 miles into the trip, and the fuel light had been glowing bright for about 30 miles. I pulled off onto US-40, and pulled into a gas station. I had about 120 miles left, and I felt lucky that so far I had skirted any storms. A few sprinkles splashed the windshield, but it was really nothing.

After a few more miles, and passing along Dayton, Ohio, I crossed the border back into the Hoosier State…

GOE XI Day Five: A Poker Run is Always a Gamble

Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is the last day of the rally, so waking up is bittersweet. I was looking forward to the ride for the day, but I wasn't looking forward to the rally concluding.

At the request of the Virginia Chapter, a group departed early, around 9am. The rest of us waited for the the Bloomington and Terre Haute Chapters to join us, they were staying in another hotel. After Brent went to check on them, we lined up the bikes, and got ready to head out. I took up a place in the middle of the pack.

We headed out, running our short journey on the highway. Once on WV-47, part of the group got caught by a light, so I took the lead for that group. Once we got on a backroad, the group could stretch out, and not run much of a risk of getting lost.

We had a couple of points of confusion with the leader of the group, but we made it through the narrow tree lined streets.

I hadn't planned on us stopping for lunch, but we ended up at the McDonald's in Woodfield, Ohio, and…

GOE XI Day Four: Now this is a Group Ride!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am writing this Thursday Morning, as it seems to be the only time I have the computer for a bit, and some time! I have also realized this is the last day of the rally, and it is a bittersweet moment. It has really been a busy and great time, but now it draws to a close. The over 1300 miles flash through my head in seconds, as I try to makes sure I remember all the good parts forever.

Since Tuesday threatened with rain, the two rides we had planned got shifted to the same day. Kevin had his group meet at the gas station across the street, and I had my ride group line up in the hotel parking lot. Now, I thought, when planning this ride, I might get 10 or 12 bikes. When I saw the line that I would later count at 23, I have to admit I was more worried than excited! That is a lot of bike to keep together!

After a driver's meeting, we headed out. The first part was north on I-77, then west on WV-47. I had to get this half mile long train through Parkersb…

GOE XI Day Four: No One Can Predict the Future

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well I thought I would be here to tell you all about Hawk's Nest and New River Gorge. But when I woke up to 80 percent chance of severe weather with hail, I knew that dream was in jeopardy. That is the bad news, the good news is that you are reading something, so you know I rode somewhere. Either that, or I am being a big tease!

Most of the morning I had one eye on the radar, and another on Streets and Trips, looking for other route that I might be able sneak in between storm cells. We decided to delay the Hawk's Nest Ride, and Kevin will lead it, and I will lead the Hocking Hills Ride.

With about only Julie and I's bikes left in the lot, I decided to ring her up, and see if she wanted to go for short ride. She was caught between which ride to go on tomorrow, so I thought I could take her up Highway 555, and then she could go on the Hawk's Nest Ride, and not feel like she missed anything.

We met up in my room, with the maid still cleaning up, and…

GOE XI Day Three: A Day to be Remembered

Monday, June 18, 2007

So technically the rally hasn't started, as the first day is tomorrow. Usually several people come to the host city before the rally, so I thought I would come up with ride. The temporary site for the Flight 93 crash was within 200 miles, so I thought I would go for it.

I really didn't think too many people would be around, or in for a 400 mile day in what might become the hot June sun. Well, we had 9 bikes and ten people lined up, besides my brother and I, all were from the Heart of Virginia Chapter.

We started north on I-77, then east on US 50. It started out a softly curving two lane road, but once we passed through Bridgeton, West Virginia, which was harder than it need to be, thanks to some bicyclist going from Oceanside, California to Atlantic City, New Jersey. I imagines they enjoyed blocking the traffic! Once past that, the road narrowed to two lanes, then got twisty. The smile inside my helmet increased with my concentration on the weaving ro…

Ride of Rememberance

Monday, June 18th, 2007
as Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine - September, 2016

There are times when you throw your leg over the saddle, and know you’re about to make some great memories. You may know that you are about to witness breath taking scenery. Perhaps it’s a ribbon of asphalt with curves that boost your pride with each one you carve up. Sometimes, I have rides not because of what I have seen, but because I felt one with the machine, the road, and the nature surrounding me. There are times when I’m planning a ride, and I know I’m about to create imprints that will be on my mind for a long time. This is about such a ride, a Ride for Remembrance. It all started when my brother and I were planning the rides for Gathering of Eagles, Cruiser Club USA’s annual get together, which was to be held in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. I had the idea for one of the event’s rides, however, it would be a journey. The destination would be the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset County, Pennsylvan…

GOE XI Day Two: Pre-Riding the Poker Run

Sunday, June 17, 2007

When it comes to leading a groups, any time you can get a chance to pre-ride a route, it is good idea to take it. With that in mind, we arrived early so we could ride, and mark the route we will be running on Thursday.

My brother's wife decided to hang back at the hotel, and Brent and Callie from the Black Swamp Chapter joined Kevin and I for the stop and start journey.

We began by pulling out of the Comfort Inn in Mineralwells, West Virginia, and stopped almost immediately for gas. Our first turn was onto the ramp for I-77. Yeah, I know I said Interstate, but it was only for a couple of miles. It will give a chance for the groups to sort out, and get arranged.

We take the ramp for WV-47, our first side road on the trip. After a brief pause to mark a sign with Green Tape and a Green Arrow, for left turns, we headed east on 47.

We only traveled WV-47 for a few miles before we hit the real back roads of West Virginia. As we traveled deeper into the tree lined …

GOE XI Day One: The Trip Out

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

It is hard to believe yet another year has passed, and it is time for Cruiser Club, USA to hold it's annual rally, Gathering of Eagles, or GOE. This is number 11, the seventh for me.

My brother and his wife rode down from Lafayette, and arrived shortly after 8am. We began the trip heading east on Washington Street until Post Road. We went south to US 52, which we would be on until we crossed into Ohio, then back to Indiana, and into Kentucky. We took a break in Brookville, and I thought the next one would be when I ran out of gas, but we found a pump in the middle of no where, and I could put three and half gallons of fuel into my four and half gallon tank. Think about it, would you like to be somewhere you are unfamiliar with and only have a gallon of gas?

Two young blond girls in a Blue Ford Thunderbird pulled into to fuel up as we were taking a break. When the pulled out, one of the girls whistled. My brother was inside going the bathroom, so he wi…

Back to a Familiar Work Trip

Friday, June 15, 2007

It has been a while since I had to wake up early on a Friday Morning and head to a job. I have been self employed, or semi-retired as my mom puts it, for almost two months. Not only was I going back to the place I used to work, I was doing the job I used to do, more specifcally, training my replacement, wo also happens to be my neighbor who lives behind me!!

Anyway, the ride: it was my typical ride to the station, west on Washington Street until I went north on Delaware Street to Tenth Street, and a couple of more blocks to the west to Meridian Street. After four blocks, I arrived at the station.

Wasn't heading home from work, was heading Nina's Stepmother's for dinner. I started going north on Meridian Street to Fall Creek Parkway. It was backed up with traffic, and as I approached the source, the Police Car and Ambulance pulled away.

I veered off of the parkway onto 38th Street, and headed east. Back in front of Menard's, I took Pendelton Pike…

Dinner at the Pud: Here We Go Again!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It is a Thursday Night, and if you read regularly, you know where I am headed tonight! I started out heading west on Washington Street, taking Emerson Avenue north to Kessler Boulevard. Kessler turns through town, and I rode it past College Avenue to a side street, Broadway Avenue. A gal from WFYI lives on this street, and I jokingly stalk her, by cruising past her house on Thursdays. She is usaully never there, but it is a quiet street, and nice to ride on.

I got onto Westfield Boulevard, then took College North to 106th Street. The last couple of times I have come up to the PUD (Parental Unit Dwelling), this street has been terribly backed up. This week, it was clear sailing. I entered their neighborhood of Orchard Park on School Parkway, then rode around the neighborhood. What we called "The Big Block" when we were kids growing up here. It was a rite of passage to be able to bicycle the whole thing at once!!

I honked the horn as I past my frie…

Running Errands, Take II

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I must say I have been amazed at the response I got from writing about my riding to run errands. Some said I must have been bored, other enjoyed it different ways. I try to blog every trip I make on my motorcycle, so errands are included!!

So here is another round of errands. First stop to save some big money at Menard's. I took off heading west on Tenth Street, then going north on Shadeland Avenue. At Pendleton Pike, I turned west and south until the Menard's Entrance. After I bought some Fluorescent Tape to mark turns on the Poker Run for Gathering of Eagles, I headed out into the heat for my second stop.

Back on Pendleton Pike, north and east this time. I cruised along the busy stretch of pavement, and beared due north on Post Road. So named for the Post, Fort Harrison, that the road divides. Star Financial Bank is on 56th Street, so I turned east on it, and made a deposit at the bank.

The man who taught me how to ride in the first place was my…

A Fine Commute

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Well, you might have noticed that I have not posted a lot about rides to work. It is not that I haven't been riding, it is that I haven't been working!! At the end of April, I decided to take the plunge and go full into business for myself. So when I have had to work lately, the weather wasn't so good.

Today, the weather would be darn near perfect! I started at 7am, by rolling The Black Pearl back out of the garage, weaving between the three cars in our driveway. The bike fired up, I grabbed the direct route to The Cummins Television Network Center in the GPS, and began following the pink line. I had hundred miles on the tank, and I was hoping the fuel light wouldn't come on for a bit, so I wouldn't have to stop along the way.

I started out going west on East Washington Street, and taking the ramp to south Shadeland Avenue, shortly after beginning my trip. Shadeland would take me south until it merges in with I-465, the Circle City'…


Saturday, June 9, 2007

If everyday was like it was today, I would be in Heaven!! The morning broke with clear blue skies, illuminated by the rising sun, and the temps were moving up over the 60 Degree mark. The sun would shine all day long, the sky would get even bluer, and the air would only rise to 80 Degrees. If you have ever ridden, then I just wrote a definition for the word PERFECT! No wings or lairs for me, just give me two wheels and I am in heaven.

Now for the ride! Wade issued late notice that he would lead todays ride, so I wan't expecting many to showed up. Just as the weather was perfect for riding, it would be perfect for anything outside! So it would be only Wade and Easyrider White with me today.

We met at a McDonald's/BP Combo that is on SR 67 (Kentucky Avenue), just south of 465. It has a large parking lot, fuel, restrooms, and the fast food joint. We would start out by continuing south on SR 67 to Rob Hill Road. This is a great, tree lined and twist…

The Big Meeting of the Year?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Here it is the first Thursday of the month, and time for another meeting of the Indianapolis Chapter of Cruiser Club, USA. I headed out on Washington Street, heading west into downtown Indianapolis. I took it right to the center of town, Meridian Street, and headed north.

After a mile and half or so, I headed west again on 16th Street. I had my half helmet on, wasn't listening to music or anything, just riding through the heat of the day! The mercury had climbed past 90, and the humidity had to be as high, if not higher.

Right near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I beared to the north and west on Crawfordsville Road. This would lead me to High School Road, about the 21st Block. Another mile or so, and I would be at McGilvery's Speedway Pub. Besides being able to sit outside, this place has been very accomodating to us meeting there. I pulled into the parking lot, and into a space.

It wasn't long, and the bikes began to pour in. Eventually, it wo…

Running Errands

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A lot of people hate running errands. I can see why, because you spend a lot of time and effort to not get a whole lot done. I am with you, I don't like running errands either, unless the sun is shining, and the bike is waiting in the driveway.

First stop, Star Financial Bank, my furthest point out, and my bank for my company. I started out heading east on Tenth Street, and decided to take it to Post Road. I went north, and would be on Post Road for a while, until 56th Street. From there it is a short trip to the bank, I actually took a back way through a shopping center.

Next stop would be an auto parts store, as I was running out of Chrome Polish for the bike. I took Post Road south this time, and to only Pendleton Pike. The pike runs south and west, and right past an O'Reily Auto Parts. Chrome Polish stowed in the trunk, I went further down Pendleton to Menard's.

Not sure if I saved big money, but I got supplies for the roof, and packed them …

Soup Run 2007, Day Three: Storms over our Shoulders

Sunday, June 3, 2007

It has been a quick weekend, and now most of the miles are behind me. Today Pete, Patty and I head back to Indianapolis. First though, a couple of stops in Kenosha.

Number one on the list, Frank's Diner. Carl had suggested this place, then backed out of the ride when the weather looked iffy. Well, we now know the weather did come!! Also, this place was featured on The Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Frank's is billed as the oldest continuous running Diner Car Restaurant. The place was packed, even after only being open for an hour on a Sunday Morning. We moved down the line standing behind the diners at the bar. About halfway through our wait, or order was taken. It was about 45 minutes until we were seated at a booth. The line waiting to be seated was now the length of the bar! Our food, a garbage plate spread on three plates with toast, soon followed. The food was great, and the atmosphere was even better. There was a lot of…

Soup Run 2007, Day Two: Soup from the Skies, and Heavenly Soup

Saturday, June 1st, 2007: Soup Day!

So the morning started out watching the radar. I know Mr. Soup had the meal ready, as he always does, but when i woke up this morning, the Soup was falling from the sky!! It was right over, and heading right over Fond Du Lac.

Satisfied that the weather would pass before we got to our destination, the three of us headed north. I was hoping the roads I picked were more county type highways, but we spent most of the time on what I would call super slabs. There were some scenic parts, such as when we got close to Dundee, Wisconsin. We were riding through the Kettle Moraine Park. Tree lined, meandering roads prevailed, and the bike was gripping the half dry roads well. At one point, after a wooden bridge crossing for a trail in the park, I saw a badger at the edge of the woods. Shortly after, the road opened to a prairie.

We arrived at Dundee, Wisconsin, yeah it is a small town! But a family that lives there was featured on ABC's Extreme Home M…

Soup Run 2007, Day One: We Need the Juice!!

Friday, June 1st, 2007

The first weekend in June, and if you have read this blog back for a year, you know it is time for Soup!! Early in the week it looked like I would be riding up with the biggest group I had yet, but as the days dwindled, so did the numbers. Bike problems, fear of weather, and other reasons abounded.

One couple that said they were going was Pete and Patty. I hadn't ridden with Pete for several years, and I was looking forward to it. He lives about a mile north of me, and I asked if he just wanted to meet and leave at my house. We still planned to go to the other meeting spot.

They arrived shortly after 10am, and Pete announced he had trouble getting his Goldwing to start, and wanted to drop by his house again to get a set of jumper cables. We wound our way through the two neighborhoods, and he retrieved his cables. We went north up Shadleland Avenue, and took I-70 a short way to the ramp for I-465.

We rounded the east and then the north side of Indy, spilli…

Long Day, Two Rides!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Morning came early, the alarm rang out at 5am. I had to be at the station by 6am, to load up the production vehicles, and head out for the remote shoot I was directing.

When I rolled the bike back out of the garage, it was still dark, and a little cool. Actually, perfect weather for a ride. I could also feel some of the moisture in the air that was creating fog.

I was going to WFYI, where I used to work full time, and I took my usual route, beginning by heading west on East Washington Street. The traffic was heavier than what I thought it would be. Maybe more people are working earlier so they can get home earlier, and not deal with the heat of the day at 5pm. Once downtown, I headed north on Delaware to Tenth Street. After a couple more blocks west, I made it to the main north-south corridor for Indianapolis, Meridian Street. It would be four more blocks north, and I would arrive at WFYI. I was there right at 6am, and part of the crew had arrived…