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Scrubbing in a New Tire

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This ride story actually starts a few days before the actual riding. Since last fall, I needed a new front tire on The Black Pearl. No point in letting new rubber sit in the garage and not gripping the road. So a week or so ago, I ordered new front tire.

Next is to get it mounted, and my brother had the tools to do it, and had changed the tires on his bike. So Kasey and I drove up to Lafayette to my brother's house with the old tire on the rim, and the brand new tire. The four of us chatted for a bit, and then Kevin and I headed out to start changing the tire.

All of his tools are of the manual variety, so it made it hard get the old tire off the rim. That and the factors that is was cold, and had been on the rim longer than usual. Once we got the bead broken, we were able to get it popped off the rim.

Next was getting the new cold tire on the rim. I did a bit of cleaning, and we started the process. We felt like we were putting a 17 inch tire on a 18 inch …