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Planes, Cars and Motorcycles: Other Forms of Travel

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, August 2018

The more I drive or fly, the more I want to ride

The month of April in 2018 was filled with days of travel. First off was a plane flight, followed by along car drive, and ending with a motorcycle trip. So, lots of miles divided by three forms of transportation.

Initially, I would take to the skies. My favorite riding partner, Kasey, is a disabled veteran. She served in the Air Force during the first Persian Gulf War, and since has battled the Veteran’s Administration, as well as an army of doctors to prove she suffers from Persian Gulf Syndrome, and all the ills that come with it. About six years ago, she traveled to Dallas, Texas to spend a week being medically tested for the signs and issues from being exposed to saran gas.

After several years of researching those findings, the doctor called her back to The Lone Star State for another test. This one would only include two rounds of blood draws. The rewards for the donat…