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These Bikes Are Made For Riding...

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, June 2018

…and that’s just what we’ll do. Someday we’re going to ride these bikes to go and buy some shoes.
With apologies to Nancy Sinatra, I’m pulling the cat right out of the bag, and letting you know this ride was to a shoe store. For nearly all of us, it’s not really about the destination, it’s all about the route. Funny thing, my riding partner is the one with the shoe fetish, but I wasn’t leading the ride, just happy to follow along. Kasey, my shoe loving riding partner, and I started out late in the morning on Sunday. The sky was dotted with fair weather clouds, backgrounded by Carolina Blue Skies. We made our way through Stanfield on Highway 200, going north. Locust, our former home town, is adjacent to Stanfield. Locust has been the one of the two towns to see more growth, mostly because it’s split by Highway 24/27. 
We turn right, heading east on the highway for a short time. After passing an elementary school, we change l…