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The Journey For a New Ride, Part II

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, August 2018

For my second trip looking for my next bike, I had to Wing It solo.

My current steel steed is approaching 100,000 miles, so my riding partner and I have been building a list of potential new bikes. Last fall we journeyed 125 miles to Fayetteville, North Carolina, to take a quick demonstration ride on an Indian Roadmaster. At that time, it was the front-runner, replacing the Kawasaki Voyager, with the Honda Gold Wing filling out the list. Since last fall, Yamaha rolled out an all new Star Venture, and Honda has issued a new model of The Wing. So, when a dealer about 20 miles away advertised a demo day for re-vamped red rider, I was up for it. Unfortunately, it also fell at a time when my riding partner, Kasey, would be in Florida visiting her parents. The dealership is in Monroe, North Carolina, is tagged with the name Iron Horse.My only previous visit to the dealership was a brief one, dropping in to check on a part. I fi…