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Riding for You

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, September 2018

When riding and writing has a purpose and a face.

Sometimes I realize that in the motorcycle community, the only thing we truly share is the passion to

 ride on two wheels. Save that, riding is as individual as the vast number of bikes, and the options to make them as different as every rider. A major choice is to ride alone or with someone else, whether that means with an empty pillion or just one bike and one road. But there is another option, taking a passenger along electronically. In December of 2016, a Facebook Page was created that allows those who would like to ride alone, still share the experience and get a reward in return.

“Riding for You” brings together riders like you and me with those who may never ride because they can’t. Creators Reb Harbin, David and Merlie Hayslett Jackson use the page to pair up motorcycle riders with buddies. A “Riding for You” Buddy is a special needs person who has an interest i…