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An Early Christmas Present

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, this is a post about a trip to work, but it was a trip in December! And yes I said Christmas, for those of you who are offended by this, get a life, and you will discover that you actually have things to really worry about!!

Back to the biking ... it was still dark and cool, about 47 degrees when I rolled the beast out of the garage. The air was moist, and the driveway still had some damp spots. After letting the 1800cc's warm a little, I headed out. I went west on Washington Street, as I went over Shadeland the air grew cooler. The traffic was heavy all the way into town. I turned right at Delaware, and headed north. As always, the further north I travel, the lighter the traffic gets. I turned at Tenth Street, heading west for a couple more blocks to Meridian Street. The north/south main street of Indianapolis would take me north for a four blocks to the station.

Even though it is a Thursday, I was headed home, as my parent's were busy …

Riding to Work - One Long, One Short

Monday, November 27, and Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday was a regular trip to the station. It was a little chili in the morning, but the sunny skies have a way a making it a little warmer. I cruised west on Washington Street to Delaware. After going north for a mile, I went two blocks west on 10th Street to go north on Meridian.

The way home was just as uneventful, I went south on Pennsylvania Street to New York Street. This would take me east until it turned into Pleasant Run Parkway. I took the parkway until Arlington, and took it north to 10th Street. I traveled east on 10th Street to my street and driveway.

Tuesday would be a longer trip, as this day's job was in Columbus, Indiana. I want to make sure I arrive on time, so I took Washington Street west to Shadeland Avenue. The cloverleaf exit is tight, and the floorboard scrapped the pavement nearly all the way through the corner that would point me south. Shadeland is divided, and fifty-five miles per hour, which is go…

A Reason to Give Thanks

Sunday, November 26, 2006

With the weather that Indiana has been having lately, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to write about riding in 2006 again!! When it was warmer, it rained, when it was dry, it was too cold, besides that, there were also days I just didn't have the time to ride. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday all fit into the last category, as Indian Summer had arrived on Thanksgiving Day! As the sun poured over the landscape, I sat inside with family, celebrating the fall holiday.

Friday, I hoped, there would time to get the bike out, and do a little run. When that didn't happen, I felt sure Saturday would hold the promise of miles on two wheels. Nothin' doin', I was spending my time erecting a greenhouse for Nina. Since the directions were so terrible, I feel like I have put two greenhouses together with one kit!! By late Saturday, with the sun dropping behind clouds, it appeared that Sunday would be the day, I was taking it all for myse…

Breakfast Again

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It seems like it was just a yesterday, that I was wondering who would ride into breakfast, as we were headed into spring, and the mercury was rising. Now we are on the downside of that, I have to wonder who might venture out on two wheels this chili morning.

I think it was in the thirties, but I can't remember where. I took my usual route this morning, Washington to East Street, East Street to McCarty, and then into the parking lot. I was a little early, but I was the is first bike to arrive. As I crossed the street, I could see the man that Newton got the Chili Lunch e-mail from also entering. I was walking past Newton's car, which I had parked next to.

Not too many showed this morning, and no one else on two wheels, even Reed had brought himself to breakfast with truck.

As I said, it was a small group, and the conversation and meal didn't take too much time, and we all broke up for another week. I would head up back east on McCarty Street to De…

Chili Ride For Chili

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

So early in the week, I got an e-mail forwarded to me from Newton from another guy that has occasionally visited with us at Sunday Morning Breakfast. It was about a Chili Lunch, going on at the Shelbyville Airport. There was not a lot of info, so I assumed that it was at some kind of restaurant. I forward the e-mail to the masses, with a meeting place of the Thronton's near my house, and meeting time of 11:00 am. I was hoping the later meeting time would allow it to warm up enough for even the fair weather riders to take a chance.

I said the meeting place was close, so at 10:55, I headed down to the fueling station in the parking lot of a K-Mart. I stayed seated on the bike under the sign advertising the gas price at $2.07; I didn't need gas. I had said that kickstands would be up at 11:15, and I waited until a little after that mark, put up the stand, and headed out alone.

It wasn't a real scenic drive, most of the way, as I headed east on …

Back to Breakfast

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Another Sunday Morning, and another Breakfast waiting for me at Shapiro's Deli Downtown. It is that time of the year when you can feel the Sundays left to ride for breakfast are getting numbered. Another chili start to the week.

I rolled the bike out of the garage, windshield covered with bugs, except for a bright pink sticker on the front of the bike! I rolled out of the driveway, down to Washington Street, and into downtown. Another Colts game was being played today, against the winless Titans of Tennessee. I passed several tailgaters, and took a spot amount the other bike in line in the parking lot. I knew it was Wade's, and I could see Newton's car parked next to it. I was a little early.

After food and some conversation, we all departed, with Carl and Jim leading the charge, as they were headed out to someplace for lunch. The rest of us had work to be done, so it would just be a trip home.

Ham And Beans And Bugs

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

I will briefly mention Friday as a regular ride to work, just a warm up for today. A warm up would be a nice thing, also, as it started with the temps in the upper 30's.

8:00 am rolled around, and I headed out for the south side of town, and a Honda Motorcycle Dealership. This was the meeting place for today's ride. I had several RSVP's but I think that was before the reality of sub 40 degrees had hit. It took me a while to move through town to get to southside as the people in front of me wanted to stop at every light, and the other were so missed timed, there was no way to get through them. I think Beech Grove is working on a tourism campaign with there poorly timed lights on Emerson Avenue.

As I was cruising down US 31, I could see my father up ahead. I was trying to catch him, as I knew he would make the wrong turn on Tracy Road up ahead. Apparently, they decided to change the numbering, but hadn't got it filtered through all the map…


Thursday, October 5th, 2006

When the gas prices were soaring, and they might yet again, you would hear people talking about car pooling, but no one has ever talked about motorcyclepooling. I guess between the fact that you can only get one other person on the bike, and the inherent dangers of motorcycling, there just isn't much interest. Today, coupled with the fact that Nina is going to pick up her new car, and that I have a Cruiser Club Meeting, we ended up motorcyclepooling to work.

It was going to be a crisp day all day long, and that starts with the morning before the light of day has even stricken. Once again, I must admit to thinking that it would be a much better day with another hour, but time is something the state of Indiana will not get a good grasp on, I'm afraid. The thermometer was hanging in the middle fifties, and without any sunlight, it would feel chillier than any wind chill could do. We took off on the usual route. At Delaware, I would keep on heading …

Getting Lost with a GPS

Monday, October 2, 2006

I woke up after yesterday's long ride, ready to hit the road once again. Today, I was headed down to Columbus to work at Cummins, Incorporated. I like to get down there as soon as I can, so I took Shadeland Avenue south to I-465. I take the loop south and little west to the southeast side of town, and hit I-65. It would be 40 miles on the super slab, churning out the miles at about 65 miles per hour.

US 31 south is where I take the ramp into the northside of Columbus. The Cummins Television Network Studios are on the north side of town.

We had a busy show, lots of presenters, and not much on tape.

I left the studios on a road called Indianapolis Road. I veered off at CR 550, and made way until I passed Simmon's Winery. After that, I decided to ignore, even defy the GPS for a while. I hit lot of roads I have never been on, some good some bad. When the trip odometer moved closed to 150 miles,I decided to plug in a town, New Palestine, and follow the …

It's BRIDGEton Again!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

The weather had put damper on riding for several days, plus work on the house. Sunday I was determined to ride to Shapiro's for Breakfast, and from there, head to Bridgeton. Seventeen months ago, someone poured 10 gallons of gas on the covered structure built 140 years ago, and set it afire. All that remained were some steaming piles of timbers in Big Racoon Creek.

I had to run a couple of errands on my way to Shapiro's Deli, so I took a different route. I went west on tenth street until Arlington which I took south. I turned west on Pleasant Run, which soon becomes Michigan Street, a one way street through downtown Indianapolis. I veered south west on Massachusetts Avenue, and eventually connected to Pennsylvania Street. I took Penn south to McCarty, which runs right past Shapiro's.

After breakfast, we got up early, and four of us, Wade, Carl, Dave and I headed west for Bridgeton and Newport. We started on I-70 to I-465 on the west side of tow…

The Work Week Starts Early

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yes, it says Sunday, and yes it says work week. I can't say that I mind to terribly however. I usually don't do much of anything on Sunday anyway, so this will get out and going. I did get up for breakfast, but I was unaware that the forecast had changed, and the sun would peak out, instead of more rain.

I left the house around 2:30, and headed west on Washington Street. Traffic was pretty heavy for a Sunday, the Colts Game had already started, so I don't know where everyone was going. I turned at Delaware, and ran it north to 10th, and west to Meridian Street.

It was long evening of Pledge, three shows, 9 breaks. It was 11:30, and I was heading for home. I took the fast way, a short jaunt south on Pennsylvania, and then on to I-70 East to 465, and south to Washington Street.

Another Work Week, Only One Day to Ride

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Man, September has been a rough month. It started out so promising, a beautiful day of riding around and through covered bridges, to an amusement park, and a great new charity event. Rain was really killing the month, and I was beginning to wonder if it wasn't a second coming of spring!

Anyway, I started off with a chilly trip to work. I believe the weatherman said 55, but my gauge said 49 when I left the east side for my usual route. The bike was parked for lunch, as I had brown bagged it today.

After work, it was time to ride up to my parents for my weekly free meal. Construction forced me east to College Avenue, which I took north. 38th street, main way through town, has been tore up for quite some time now. With the big craters I saw, I didn't see any end in sight.

Along the way up to Broad Ripple, I took a slight detour to go past a co-workers new place that she was renting. She say that she, her sister, her friend, and her sister, all the…

New Cruisin Cousins and Familiar Territory

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another Saturday, and another charity ride ahead of me. Actually, in Indy during the riding season, you can have your pick of what ride you want to go on. There is a lot of charity in this city. I knew of three rides that I could have been in, but the one today struck me, as it would take place in north, central Indiana, centered around the town of Peru, Indiana. Besides being the Circus Capital of the World, it is also where my father grew up, so I knew he would want to join me on this ride.

First up, breakfast, and I would be meeting someone named Kevin, who I had met through the Indiana VTX Owners Forum. He was coming up from the southside, so we agreed to meet on the east side, and ride up to Westfield together. I wasn't waiting long when he pulled in. I was a little concerned about the volume of my exhaust, but when I heard his short shots rumble up next to me, I lost all fear. We greeted each other, fired up the bikes, and head for the nort…

A Washed Out Week Just Leaves Friday

Friday, September 15, 2006

This will be a short entry about my ride to work. I have been condensing all the rides down to one post, but this week, Mother Nature condensed all my riding down to one day.

It was the usual way in and the scenic way home. For lunch, I ran to Side Street Deli at 22nd and Illinois, but that was my only diversion.

Wow, two lines, well now three, and the whole work week is wrapped. I wonder what else in around the corner?

A Charitable Cruise

Saturday, September 8th, 2006

About two weeks earlier, I got an e-mail from the wife of another Cruiser Club Member, and a long time friend of mine. He and his wife have two houses, one is a rental, and they have had a time keeping it up, and occupied. For that reason, we have not been able to ride together very much.

I started off late, about a quarter past 8, when I wanted to leave at 8. I called my brother to let him know I was running late. I rode west on Washington Street to Rockville Road. For some reason, I though Rockville Road turned into 10th Street. I thought I would be going past the meeting location, but I was wrong. I ended up near the church were the ride was starting, at a Speedway Gas Station. I called my brother, and no one was at the other stop but him, and it was after 9am, when we were supposed to take off. I also called Bryan, my friend, to see where he was, and that he could meet us here.

As luck would have it, a neighbor of Bryan's Rental, where he us…

The Work Week Rides

Tuesday, September 4th to Friday, September 7th, 2006

It is a shortened week thanks to Labor Day, but still a good week to ride to work. With the following exceptions, I took the normal routes back and fourth.

Wednesday, I had some extra riding, as I went to Garfield Park for lunch, and the station's employee picnic. I went south down Pennsylvania Street, and took Maryland to get on the southeast diagonal street, Virginia Avenue. I would take East Street south, and that would run me right into Garfield Park. I took that route back to the station also.

Thursday was another exception, as I would have a "pit stop" before work. I was requested by the state of Indiana to report for Jury Duty. In Indiana, you are given a card that tells you when you have to call to see if you need to report the next day. Sure enough, I called Wednesday after 5pm, and my Jury Group was called. The City/County Building is one that I pass everyday I go to work, so the trip was a normal daily…

Holiday World on a Holiday

Monday, September 5, 2006

We woke up in the morning in our Days Inn room in Jasper, Indiana. I was up first, and got dressed enough to head down for the breakfast area. I have never seen a continental breakfast so busy! Usually, I am at the breakfast at 5 or 6 am, and out the door by this time, nearly 8am. Nina's sister and her family was there, as well as Nina's brother. The seating area was full, so I took my breakfast out to the lobby.

We packed up the bike, as the other two families packed up kids and stuff, and headed out to the Amusement Park at around 9:30am. The park didn't open until 10, so we had no rush.

We returned back out to SR 231, and headed further south. We would take 245 to Santa Claus, Indiana, home of Holiday World Theme Park. It was only a 27 mile drive.

The visit to the park was slow, as many opinions had to be taken before deciding what to do next. It was a family day, after all. We were able to get on all the roller coasters, including the ne…

A Milestone Beginning

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Today, we start off on a long day of riding. But before we hit the road, I need to mention the reason for the title. For those of you who have been waiting since reading the last post, I will not hold the suspense any longer. Well, maybe a little longer, until I get the picture, which I took on the site, or mention, that I will be posting a picture. Now, I feel cheesy for leading you on. When I parked my Honda Steed in the garage last night, the odometer sat at 25,000 miles. Two years, one month, and three days after I took her out into the cool Illinois Rain, she turned this milestone. I have been to North Carolina, through Deal's Gap, and out to Carlsbad, New Mexico, and along the Rio Grande. Three months after the Texas Trip, I road along the northern water boarder, kissing the coast of Lake Superior. Sometimes, I can remember every single mile that I have ridden this bike. Every mile with a smile.

Title Two: Confusion and Covered Bridges

So no…

Glow Necklaces! Two Dollars!

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Every year during Labor Day weekend, a local radio station sponsor a last blast of summer - a fireworks show downtown. One of the best viewing areas is the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens Parking Lot. Since Nina is an employee, the Indy Zoo takes advantage of a captures audience that will probably not be taking part of the zoo and gardens, and sells Glow in the Dark necklaces.

I need to mention that employees volunteer, and the zoo and garden do not get the money directly, as it goes toward animal conservation and wildlife protection.

Nina and I take the motorcycle, as it is easier to move around the traffic, and find a place to park the bike close to the entrance. Most of the ride would be my normal ride to work, as we cruised down Washington Street towards downtown. We would actually pass over the main north/south artery of Indianapolis, Meridian Street, and continue to the near west side. The first thing we pass under is the Indianapolis Arts…

Another Sunday to Shapiro's

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Here it is Sunday once again, and Shapiro's Deli calls with a Veggie Omelet, and some kindred spirits of the two wheel kind.

I started off heading west on Washington Street. I went south on Arlington. The GPS re-routed me on Brookville Road, but I didn't take that either. After passing another street, I decided to take the road the GPS recommended. I believe it was Minnesota, and it started out nicely tree lined with some sweeping corners. It soon gave way to a unique neighborhood, and homes lining the streets. Minnesota would run into Southeastern, which I would take for about a mile, until I veered left onto Prospect.

I didn't see the older black gentleman that I have seen a couple of times along this Sunday Morning Sojourn. I hope that I was either too early, or too late. It would ease me if I did see him, though. I rolled by the Fountain Square Area, and on into downtown.

At Meridian Street, I turned north, and it would be only a few blo…

A Weeks Worth of Work

August 22 through 25, 2006

So I haven't written after everyday that I ride, but the trips to a from work are getting boring for even me to write about, and I am sure the reading isn't much more entertaining.

I would have been able to ride all week, but Monday, I had to pick Nina at the airport, but I did drive her little Volkswagen convertible. Tuesday was a normal day, Wednesday I went to work late for Pledge Drive, and took the interstate home. Thursday brought a trip to my parents, and by Friday, it was getting hot a muggy, but a regular trip was taken to and from work.

Birthdays-Day Two

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Time for the last birthday of the weekend, but first, I had some other traveling to do. First off, was breakfast, and Shapiros. I had not been there in two weeks, so I am sure the group was anticipating my return. Heck, there might even be a banner or something!

I took my more scenic route, or at least a more leisurely course. It is hard to say scenic when driving through a city. However, it is just a different class, as I go past some beautiful old homes, and buildings, including Fountain Square, where I had just had dinner the night before. I didn't see my "friend" waiting for the church bus, I may have been too late, or too early, but I hope he is all right.

With this path, I arrive at Shapiro's from the south. I dismounted, crossed Meridian Street, and entered the deli with little or no fanfare. I was surprised that the cashier remembered my order to "T". They didn't have Orange Juice, but another server was able to get…

The Birthday Weekend Begins!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Besides my own birthday in August, I seem to have surrounded myself with lots of other people who share the eight month of the year for their birth. I found out I have another, in a new freelancer, former intern, at WFYI. Because of this, the weekends are usually shot for celebrations. This Saturday would be no exception, as a a friend I have known since high school wanted to surprise his wife on her 40th birthday.

I let the GPS plan the route, with one detour, to pick up a birthday card. Yes, I like to wait for the last minute! I headed north up Shadeland Avenue. It is truncated, and picks up with I-465, the beltway around Indianapolis. I figured the GPS was sending me that way, and up to I-69. But once I was on 465, it told me I was off route. I guess it was taking a more interesting route? Usually, you can get a more scenic route with "Shorter Distance" rather than "Faster Time".

I still headed up 465 to 69 North. I often ignore…

A Work Week's Trips

August 14 through August 18, 2006

Most of this week, I traveled from Home to work, and back home again. Nothing major to report on most of these trips, so I thought I would combine them together. The weather is unusual for August, feels more like late September with cooler temps in the morning, around 60, and not too hot in the afternoon, high 80's.

Thursday Night, I rode up north before going home, checking out, of all things, a snowblower. I had found one for sale at a reasonable price, and wanted to check it out. The sellers are moving, and won't be needing it. After that brief stop, I headed to Star Financial Bank on Carmel Drive, and then to my parent's house.

After dinner, and a movie, the one I made from our Maine Cruise, I headed out to replenish our supply from Wild Oats. We had finally run out of frozen waffles for breakfast. Waffles I originally bought to help ME with my Cholesterol, and diet, but Nina seems to eat more of them than I do, nowadays.

There was …

The Last Ride to Work, for a Week

Friday, August 4, 2006

This is another trip to work. The next day, coup myself up in my cage of a pickup truck, and begin a venture to Rockport, Maine, to board a Schooner, and take a different kind of cruise. The first day of sailing, Monday, is also my birthday, the source of the trip, and the source of an extra discount.

The route to work was the usual, and the traffic was the same as it always was. Being on the east side, and being early, I didn't have to worry about race weekend traffic. I am sure there are some who have to stay on the eastside, as the crowd in sizable.

Riding home, I took what I call the scenic route. Not a whole lot of scenery, but it is old to me, as I have seen it a hundred times. Once home, it would be time to pack up, and get some rest for the drive that lie ahead.

The Sun in Two Forms

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Sometimes when you ride, the day can be a study in contrasts, long, straight roads turn to seemingly short, twisty ones. A ride alone can turn into a group ride. And a sunny day can turn to rain, liquid sunshine, I think some call it.

When I left for work on this morning, the sun was shining through some of the thick clouds. The air was cool, and the wind kicked up as only a cold front can do. Sure, there was a threat of rain, but I braved it anyway, beside we had a club meeting tonight, so I had to ride.

While inside, working away, the sunshine would pour all over my bike, in that liquid form I talked about. Actually, it gave it a good washing, and looked quite good, and dry, when I came out from work.

I rode along 14th street to Illinois Street, taking it north to 16th, and then out west past the Speedway. Things were gearing up for this weekend's race. I wouldn't be around, I would be in Maine, or close by then, and ready to board the Schooner Ti…

Ride to Work, The Heat Still Sizzles

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

August has begun with one of its typical Dog Days. Mid nineties, for both the temp and the humidity! Factor them both together, you get a mix that feels like 110 plus. Add in hot pavement, broiling at 130 degrees, and sitting at light can meld, melt and wield, your boots right to the ground!

That was the forecast, but in the morning, it was about 75, but the humidity was still there, and too much movement, and you were a sweaty rag. I have been having problems with the MP3 Player, so I chucked in the saddle bag, and went for the half helmet. I was hoping it would be cooler, but there is a point where nothing will work. The morning it was better, as I took my usual route to work.

Sometime while I was inside the building, the point I speak of above was crossed and then some. Quite frankly, I could have ridden naked and got no relief. I am sure Duncan has tried, so I will ask for a comment from him. I was heading straight home, as I had errand or two to run.…

And The Heat Goes On!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

With the overnight "lows" only dipping to the mid 70's, it is hard to get much relief right now. We have a room Air Conditioner in our bedroom, but the house central system bought the big one shortly after we moved in.

Sunday Morning rolled around, and I was probably still drained from running in the heat yesterday, but I knew breakfast awaited me. Because of vacation, I will not be meeting at Shapiro's for the next two Sunday's.

I rolled the bike out of the garage, and headed out. Looking for a little different path, as I had plenty of time, today. When the turn arrow for Arlington flipped on as I approached that intersection, I decided, why not. I took Arlington South to English Avenue. I then went west on English, as it would eventually join with Southeastern. At State Street, I went south again, this time to Prospect. I passed Fountain Square, and on to Meridian Street. I approached the deli from the south.

It was a small group, as…

Rodney's VTX Homecoming Ride

Saturday, July 29, 2006

So last year at this time, near the one year anniversary of owning my 2003 Black Honda VTX 1800c, I was in Marysville, Ohio, lining up with about 6,000 other Honda VTX's for the World Record, One Model of Motorcycle, Ride back to the plant. The very plant that manufactured every one of these VTX's. I was at the Honda Homecoming. It is the manufacturer's annual event where owners can return their machines to where they were born. No, there is no Home Football Team that plays some Patsy small school for an easy win. This was the second time I had attended this event, with a three gap in the middle. It was great to get back together with old friends, and create new friendships.

I was ready to go back, but vacation time was running scarce, so I decided to create my own homecoming, and go back to the place I was more familiar with as home for my bike, the dealership that I bought it from. Normally, that would be a short trip for most us. Even thou…

Rides to Work

Tuesday, July 25 and Wednesday July 26, 2006

Not too much special about these two rides to work, same route as always.

Wednesday Morning was my initial trip with the new exhaust pipe. I love the tone, but I know it would be way to load for many of my riding partners, so I will be ordering the baffle. Also, some of the chrome was flaking off, so I need to call the chromers and see what they want to do about it. If nothing, I will send it out o the VTX Exhaust Guys, and let them do a better job of it.

When I left this morning, they were calling for Thunderstorms on Thursday, so I may not see you until Friday!

Why I Ride

Sunday, July 23, 2006

So after a trying morning of riding yesterday, it was time to get out on the roads I long for whenever I throw my leg over the bike. Today's ride would actually have parts of 4 different rides that I have taken people on, but since Julie came all the way from Michigan, I had to link them up.

We met at the trusty Thornton's Gas Station. While Julie and I waited for the light to change, we noticed that someone had already arrived. It was Greg, a fellow VTX Owner, and someone who I met at our last Cruiser Club Meeting.

The three of us waited until Easyrider Jim and Carl showed up. They were just down the road at the Bob Evans. It wasn't a big group, but for the area we would be riding, it was a good sized group.

We started out east on Washington Street, then turned south on Franklin Road to US 52. Most of this part of the route was a straight as an arrow, but it gets us out of the city, out of the county, and into rural landscape. Although the res…

Mission: Impossible!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

As you can tell from the title, this was going to be a trying trip. The destination is Peru, Indiana, often referred to as the Circus Capital of the world. It is located right in the middle of Indiana, east and west, and about in the middle of South Bend and Indianapolis. So it made a great meeting spot for myself, and a riding friend, Julie. She is also the President of the Michiana Cruiser Club Chapter.

The meeting spot would be Thornton's on East Washington Street. Besides my father and I, Easy Rider Jim and Carl had also arrived for the ride. I had forgotten that I planned to ride the route Julie and I would take back to Peru this morning, so I was calling up the wrong route. I had a pretty good idea of where to go, so we headed out. We went west on Washington Street to Shadeland Avenue. North on Shadeland Avenue to Pendelton Pike which becomes SR 67. I was to get off before then, but I was improvising. After several twists and turns, and a cro…