The Work Week Rides

Tuesday, September 4th to Friday, September 7th, 2006

It is a shortened week thanks to Labor Day, but still a good week to ride to work. With the following exceptions, I took the normal routes back and fourth.

Wednesday, I had some extra riding, as I went to Garfield Park for lunch, and the station's employee picnic. I went south down Pennsylvania Street, and took Maryland to get on the southeast diagonal street, Virginia Avenue. I would take East Street south, and that would run me right into Garfield Park. I took that route back to the station also.

Thursday was another exception, as I would have a "pit stop" before work. I was requested by the state of Indiana to report for Jury Duty. In Indiana, you are given a card that tells you when you have to call to see if you need to report the next day. Sure enough, I called Wednesday after 5pm, and my Jury Group was called. The City/County Building is one that I pass everyday I go to work, so the trip was a normal daily commute. I was released afternoon, so I decided to go home and grab lunch. I also needed to stop at the Post Office to pick up a parcel. I figured it was small, and would fit on the bike. Apparently, the carrier thought he could deliver it again, so it was out on his vehicle. I was instructed to try and track him down. I rode the neighborhood, but saw no Postal Vehicle. I imagine he was on lunch.

After a bite to eat, I took off north on my street, and sure enough, came upon the postal carrier in his little, left hand drive vehicle. I was able to sign and get my package, which was a larger size than I thought. I strapped it on the bike, and headed for the Shell Station at 10th and Shadeland. I ripped open the box, dismayed at the packing peanuts, and carefully dumped them into the trash can. After pulling the two small cables and the receipt out of the box, I trashed in the garbage can.

I took 10th street all the way west to College Avenue, then headed north. 16th Street would take me further west to Pennsylvania where I would head back south. The entrance ramps to I-65/70 block a direct path. This is the back way into the station.

That evening would be a different route also, as it was the first Thursday of the month, and time for a Cruiser Club Meeting. I took 16th Street out the motor speedway, and veered northwest on Crawfordsville Road. At High School Road, I head north to 30th Street and McGilvery's in Speedway.

A newer member, Ed, was at the meeting, and he lives on the eastside, and I hoped we would ride back to that side of town together. When I took off, he didn't follow, and I drove slow, but I never saw any sign of him. I continued east on 38th street until turned into I-65, which leads to I-70. When I got to 465 on the east side, I went south to Washington Street.

Friday, I left work on a wet bike, but decided to go ahead and make my way to Menard's anyway. After going north on Meridian, I beared onto Fall Creek Parkway. 38th Street would take me east to the shopping plaza that the big home improvement store is located. My trip home would be south on Shadeland Avenue to 10th Street, then east to my neighborhood street.


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