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175 Years of History and a Lake for Dessert

Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's not often that you get to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of anything, so when it comes up, it's time to take a ride. Did I also mention the festivities are surrounded by one of my favorite riding destinations? If you cruise up to the look out at Morrow Mountain State Park on a Sunday Morning, you will see that I am in with a lot of company.
The beginnings of this great motorcycle gathering spot don't start in the hills of North Carolina, but across the Atlantic in Prussia. Franz Joseph Kron was born there in 1798. At the age of fifteen, he and the French were expelled, and Kron landed in Paris. Eight years later, Franz would marry Mary Catherine Delamothe, and her uncle would invite them to come live in America. Henry Delamothe had lived in North Carolina and had become very successful, so the lure of an inheritance helped to make the couple decide to move.
After Kron finished medical training, he moved back with his uncle-in-law on the east sid…