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GOE XIV: Day 7 - Hoping to Get Home Early

Saturday, June 27, 2010

As always, I had Kasey begging me to get the horse ready for a quick trip home so she could see her kids. Speaking of them, her daughter was already calling wanting us to fly home as fast as we could. I still had points I wanted to enjoy.
We headed west on SR 114, into the early morning chill and fog. It was refreshing for once. The comfortable temperature would come and go quickly through the morning.
Near Salyersville, we made our way to the Bert Combs Mountain Parkway. It is not as scenic as it sounds, but it is nice drive. We followed this road into Slade, the town nearest Red River gorge, and Natural Bridge State Resort Park. The Natural Bridge in Kentucky.
We were doing pretty well on time until my brother announced that Kasey and I would be going on without them. He showed me his tire on the back of his bike, with the steel belts bubbling through. It was a new tire, only 2000 miles on it. We waited until he found a dealership near by. It was s…

GOE XIV: Day 6 - Starting the Trip Home

Friday, June 26, 2010
It had come time to make our back home, at least half the way, anyway. Our first stop was fuel for the bikes, and for ourselves. So after a visit to a Big Island Mom and Pop Cafe with a Gas Pump, we headed west.
County Road 126 led us to SR 221, and we made our way west to the town of Norwood. We then made our way up Olfax Road to Otterville Road. Wasn't expecting to see any Otters, it was way too hot for that!

You guessed it, Otterville Road put us on our way to Otterville. Jopling Road got us to Peaksville, and then Peaks Road, also known as SR 43. The roads weaved nicely through the country side, and we didn't mind, or notice another sunny day heating up the air. Eventually, it would be hot in the shade too, so it caught up to us once again. It was an up and down ride as we made our way through the mountains.
We continued on SR 43 through Buchanan, Virginia, where we crossed Interstate 81. . This road led us to Eagle Rock, where, after a short re…

GOE XIV: Day 5 - A Bridge of a Natural Kind

Thursday, June 24, 2010
There were a couple of rides planned for that day, and it was a toss up for us, on which one we wanted to do. Not being able to pick one, we decided to create our own ride. So we hopped on the bikes, and headed our own way. Kevin would lead us in the heat today.
We made our way to Natural Bridge in Virginia. Would this be a dino-boy?

Run! Bear!!

We made our way through the heat back to the hotel, the same route from where we came. We had time to cool off in the room, clean up, and head to the banquet, which marks the end of another Gathering of Eagles.

GOE XIV: Day 4-Poker Run

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
The middle day of the Gathering was reserved for the Ralph "Banjo Man" Barnard Memorial Poker Run. I didn't keep track of where we went, but it was a great ride, and you can thank Kasey for the photos.

We traveled through some great scenic roads of Virginia, ending up in Farmville and at the Big Dog Restaurant.

After lunch, we had some more riding on Virginia's finest scenic roads. It was yet another hot day, and it was a welcomed thing to be back in the air conditioning of the hotel.
We decided that evening to walk to dinner.

GOE XIV: Day 3-Back to the Blue Ridge

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The GOE for 2009 was held by Chapter 09 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it started a new tradition: Tye Dye Tuesday. I guess the shirts from the Indianapolis Version of GOE did have one bright spot, and it is swirled red, white and blue.
For us, it would be another trip up the Blue Ridge, from where we had just come the day before. I didn't mind, I was not leading, and therefore the risks of disaster were lower.

A good bonus of the hotel was a parking garage, dark, and cool most of the time during the day.
I got my lovely riding partner to take some pictures along the way, she did a great job!
This shot was taken while we were moving past this overlook.
It was going to be another hot one, and it was nice to get back into the shade of the parkway. We stopped for lunch at one of the eateries along the parkway.

After lunch, the group split, part going the rest of the way up the Blue Ridge, where we had just been, and the other half headed back to the hotel. The t…

GOE XIV: Day 2-The Whole Trip is a Disaster

Monday, June 21, 2010
Another day, and it would be and it would be another hot one, so if you are tired of me talking about the heat, tough luck! I was hoping as we crossed over the mountains, it would mean cooler air.
We started the day with full tanks, and then heading up Highway I-77 for a miles to take the exit Ramp to SR 47. Here we would continue our trip east and south, weaving our way through West Virginia.
SR 47 was the road of the first leg of this morning journey. We took it until it ended, leaving us with the options of either SR 119, or SR 33 in the town of Linn, West Virginia. I have always had in the back of my head to do a picture book of post offices across the country. Here is one of the photos that would have to be included. Not much to see, but then that is what it would all be about!

From the location of this post office, I don't remember even being able to see a house! After some sun screen, a drink of water, and a bathroom break, we headed back onto the …

GOE XIV: Day 1-Headin' Down on the Farm

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

If you are a regular reader, then you know when June comes around, and shortly after I make The Soup Run, I climb aboard The Black Pearl to head out somewhere for Gathering of Eagles. The gathering, also knows as GOE is Cruiser Club, USA's Annual National Get Together. Kasey, my favorite riding partner and I were up bright and early. So was the sun, and it was already starting out to be a warm, summer day in the Hoosier State. I finished packing up the bike, we mounted up, and then headed down the street to fill the tank. We thought we might return to the house to await our other riding partners for the trip. As I sat filling the tank, my brother Kevin, and his wife, Virginia, rode up on his Kawasaki Concours.

Since a lot of our chapters in Cruiser Club, USA are east of us, and at the time I lived on the east side of Indianapolis, it was the natural direction to get out of town. We would begin on a familiar route this morning. Washington Street, also known…

Snakes on a Bike

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Sunday Morning, another jaunt downtown in Indianapolis to have breakfast with the guys. Started out on Washington Street, heading west into town. Took East Street south to South Street, then another stretch east to Penn. Penn has a ramp to veer on to McCarty, and then into the parking lot of Shapiro's.

On the route home, I was joined by Mr. Bill Lane, who lives out on the east side. We took McCarty to Delaware, and headed north back to Washington Street. While heading out of town on Washington Street, a green Goldwing, similar to one Bill used to have, pulled along side of us. It was pulling a color matched trailer, but strapped atop was a cage. One of those wire mesh style cages. Hanging from the bars was a sign that said, "I bite". Upon further inspection, I could see the cage contained a snake!

Bill struck up a conversation with the man perched upon the reptile carrying bike during the ride, and more at stops. Further out on Washington Street, …

Soup's On X (The Tenth Soup Run) Day 2

Saturday, June 5, 2010

As I mentioned the hotel staff in the morning was much friendlier. The breakfast was good too, they have all the usual stuff, and in addition to the waffle machine, they also have pretty good biscuits and gravy.

So we took off with a gas stop on the plan right away. It wouldn't be long before we were in the Wisconsin Country. After a stop, we made our way to the Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive, which lead us into Dundee, Wisconsin. This is another one of my traditional stops, here stands a house that was re-built by ABC's Extreme Home Makeover.

After a longer break, due to multiple failed attempts to take a group picture, we headed out of Dundee. The stretch of road north out of town is great ride. We made the back way into Mr. Soup's with only a couple quick views of Lake Winnebago.

We parked near the spot I parked when I came to my first Soup Run. We made our way down the line of bikes, and then headed up to the house to get in line for some Soup. …

Soup's On X (The Tenth Soup Run)

Friday, June 4, 2010 Soup Run X

Kasey and I were up early this morning, and actually got an early start. Early enough to hit Dunkin Donuts before heading to the meeting spot. After a light breakfast, no donuts, we headed back west on US 36 to SR 267, and headed north. After about 30 minutes, and some detours on some back country roads, we arrived at the Travel Center of America to greet eight more bikes and guys.

Introductions were made, and some discussion about the ride, including making me aware that I was traveling with old men who might need to pee a lot. I mention that because as we made our way through back country roads, and then to SR 52, we stopped at a BP in West Lafayette. They had gas, but their bathrooms were not open. You know jokes ensued that if they can't even keep a bathroom open, how are they going to seal up an oil leak!

So we traveled up the road, and made another stop for a pee break. I guess the coffee is good, and the cups bottomless at the TA Center.

Riding with Strangers

Friday, May 28, 2010

Funny thing about riding a motorcycle, you don't always ride alone, ride with a group, and sometimes you end riding with people that you don't ever meet. Sure, when you part ways, you do it with a wave or a nod, but you never know a name, personality, nothing, complete strangers.

Today, I took off on Washington Street heading west, then took the clover leaf exit to Shadeland Avenue to head south. Shadeland runs out when it blends into I-465, the beltway around Indianapolis.

It was the morning, and I was heading to Columbus, Indiana to work for Cummins. I used to make this trip a couple times a month, but the economy put a dent in that, but I have been making runs this way again. Besides making good money, it is a great company to work.

After making a quarter turn around the city, I take the ramp to I-65 South. This is not a pleasure cruise, as I need to be there at 8am, ready to work.

Since the northbound lanes are heading into the capital city, the southb…

Soup's On X (The Tenth Soup Run) Day 3

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Well, I am pretty sure I have rolled out of the neighborhood that holds the Soup Run for the last time. I might be invited back to Mr. Soup's Kitchen someday to take in a meal, but it won't be like a Soup Run. His tenth will be his last, I made 6 of 10, but I made all of the ones that I knew about!

The rains had moved through during the night, and we were up and packed early to head to Frank's for a Garbage Plate. We were on in good time, as we were able to squeeze our group in before one showing up later. Everyone loved the atmosphere, and the staff had fun with all of us. It helps that the food is really good too.

I was finding hard to believe that these guys were just following me around just about anywhere, as another stop was the Mars Cheese Castle. Just about everyone made a purchase, and took a sample. Then it was time to start heading back.

We took US 45 south through Wisconsin, veering before we got too close to Chicago. After a couple of jo…