Soup's On X (The Tenth Soup Run) Day 3

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Well, I am pretty sure I have rolled out of the neighborhood that holds the Soup Run for the last time. I might be invited back to Mr. Soup's Kitchen someday to take in a meal, but it won't be like a Soup Run. His tenth will be his last, I made 6 of 10, but I made all of the ones that I knew about!

The rains had moved through during the night, and we were up and packed early to head to Frank's for a Garbage Plate. We were on in good time, as we were able to squeeze our group in before one showing up later. Everyone loved the atmosphere, and the staff had fun with all of us. It helps that the food is really good too.

I was finding hard to believe that these guys were just following me around just about anywhere, as another stop was the Mars Cheese Castle. Just about everyone made a purchase, and took a sample. Then it was time to start heading back.

We took US 45 south through Wisconsin, veering before we got too close to Chicago. After a couple of jogs, we were on Illinois 47. We would be out in the country, and be heading this route south for quite a while.

SR 113 took us east in to Braidwood, Illinois for lunch at the Golden Mine Restaurant. I thought it might be a Chinese Place, but it was as midwest homecooking as you can get.

113 meanders along a river, and gets us back to US 45, where we head further south. A few more jogs on state roads, and we are on US 24 heading east. Before getting back in the Hoosier State we join us with US 52.

US 52 lead us into Lafayette, Indiana, not far from Indianapolis, and this gas stop, we knew it was the last one we would make together. Great people make great groups, and this was one of the best groups I have shared the road. The fact that I didn't even know most of them more than three days ago, makes it even better.

Kasey and I finished the ride with the other pealing off from the pack. We took SR 47 west for a bit, then to SR 75 south. SR 136 would be our turn in North Salem, then on to SR 39 and on into Danville.

I have no way to every repay Mr. Soup for the memories he helped me to create. One of my favorite trips ever was when I went to my second Soup Run via Mackinac. I can remember lots of people waiting on me to arrive to hear about my trip. I have ridden, and seen a lot of places I would have not seen without this destination.


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