GOE XIV: Day 7 - Hoping to Get Home Early

Saturday, June 27, 2010

As always, I had Kasey begging me to get the horse ready for a quick trip home so she could see her kids. Speaking of them, her daughter was already calling wanting us to fly home as fast as we could. I still had points I wanted to enjoy.

We headed west on SR 114, into the early morning chill and fog. It was refreshing for once. The comfortable temperature would come and go quickly through the morning.

Near Salyersville, we made our way to the Bert Combs Mountain Parkway. It is not as scenic as it sounds, but it is nice drive. We followed this road into Slade, the town nearest Red River gorge, and Natural Bridge State Resort Park. The Natural Bridge in Kentucky.

We were doing pretty well on time until my brother announced that Kasey and I would be going on without them. He showed me his tire on the back of his bike, with the steel belts bubbling through. It was a new tire, only 2000 miles on it. We waited until he found a dealership near by. It was still closed, as it was still early, so we made our way that direction. It was on the route, but first a stop at the Nada Tunnel.

Kasey seems excited, Virginia, not so much.

Near Mariba, we left SR 77, and followed SR 460, going slow, as to not push the tire on the back of my brother's bike.

It would take us the better part of an hour make our way to Mt. Sterling, home of a Kawasaki Dealership. We had to stop in the town square to make a call and get directions. They were open, and had a tire to fit.

While the tire was being mounted, we wondered around the show room, then over to Applebee's to get a bite to eat. So much for getting home early.

Sr 460 would be our path to Frankfort, Kentucky. From there, we made our way north on US 421. It is a nice sweeping way to make our way north in Kentucky.

We took a little planned detour off of 412 to SR 22 to head into Eminence, for a quick treat at Dairy Queen. I asked if Kasey still wanted to go, since we were behind schedule, and I found there are something she will take as a delay to seeing her children.

SR 55 took us north, and back to US 421. The Ohio River, and the sign for Indiana's border was a welcome sight. We continued on US 421 to Versailles, Indiana.

This would be our last fuel stop for the trip. The sun was far from going down, but it is the middle of summer, and it goes down late. We made our way into Greensburg, home of the tree growing out of its courthouse, and then onto the super slab, known as I-74.

We turned and burned our way back to Indianapolis. We said our good byes, and another Gathering of Eagles trips was in the books, and now in the blogs.


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