Soup's On X (The Tenth Soup Run)

Friday, June 4, 2010 Soup Run X

Kasey and I were up early this morning, and actually got an early start. Early enough to hit Dunkin Donuts before heading to the meeting spot. After a light breakfast, no donuts, we headed back west on US 36 to SR 267, and headed north. After about 30 minutes, and some detours on some back country roads, we arrived at the Travel Center of America to greet eight more bikes and guys.

Introductions were made, and some discussion about the ride, including making me aware that I was traveling with old men who might need to pee a lot. I mention that because as we made our way through back country roads, and then to SR 52, we stopped at a BP in West Lafayette. They had gas, but their bathrooms were not open. You know jokes ensued that if they can't even keep a bathroom open, how are they going to seal up an oil leak!

So we traveled up the road, and made another stop for a pee break. I guess the coffee is good, and the cups bottomless at the TA Center.

So we were back on the road, and it would SR 52 until we got just about 15 miles south of Kankakee, Illinois. We would have stop here, but it was because Dave, on a Burgman with a Trike Kit, and a Trailer, ran out of gas. He hadn't had the set up long, and the trailer really made a drag on his fuel economy. Most of us headed up the road to a gas station, and John returned to Dave and Bob with a small can full of go juice.

After we all re-grouped at the gas station, we headed back out for a short trip to our lunch stop, The Landing in Kankakee. Turned out to be a great place for lunch. It also gave me a chance to see that was going to be a fun a group to travel with.

Back on the road, and one of my favorite stretches, SR 113 north out of town. It winds along a park that is situated along the Kankakee River. We were behind schedule with the extra stops and the gas incident, but we were all having a good time.

After making a long way around Chicago, we arrived in Wisconsin, and then in Lake Geneva. Always wanted to stop here for the night, but the hotels are pricey in this resort area. But we were going to stop for dinner. I was hoping we would be here about two hours earlier, but it didn't seem that busy.

We all found parking, and made our way to Popeye's, not the chicken chain, but a place with a lake view. It was a great place, good service and amazing food, but they had some quirks that makes me want to try one of the other places to eat.

We got to watch the sun go down on that lake, and we would be heading onto the hotel in the dark. We were also on some backroads with good curves, would have been nice to do them in daylight. Not to mention the dips in the road meant dips in the temperature, it was down right cold in those valleys, and some were filled with fog.

We arrived at the hotel, and stepped in to check in. We were greeted by a young man who obviously didn't want to do the work to check everyone in. I guess after the other guys got settled, after 10pm local time, he called the rooms to make sure they were okay, but we still made mention the next morning. By the way, the morning staff was very friendly and nice. Also the Super 8 in Waukesha is one of the best hotels I have stayed in, and has a great breakfast!


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