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Rides and Rallies

Originally Published in Southeastern Rider Magazine, June 2017

“All I need to do is get there, and then just follow someone else.” That was my reason for going to Rallies when I first started going. I loved the idea that I just needed to get there and when the event was over, I just need to find my way back home. While I was there, all I had to do was follow a leader, and enjoy the schedule of activities.

Some of my best two wheel travels have been those going to and from a rally or a gathering. I felt free to really plan a good journey to the event, because once I was there, I could turn off the navigator in me, and turn on the sight seer.

My first long trip was from Indianapolis, Indiana to Knoxville, Tennessee. I was riding this distance for two reasons – the Honda Hoot and Cruiser Club, USA’s annual get together called Gathering of Eagles, or GOE. I took a full day to make the nearly 400 mile trip all on backroads through the Hoosier Hills, Kentucky and finally the Volunteer State…